If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the fastest growing Church in the world. It traces its origins back to 1830 when a young man called Joseph Smith of Palmyra, New York, founded the Church of Christ based on the Book of Mormon which he said he translated from golden plates that he found in a hill by the guidance of an angel called Moroni. The book was translated with magic glasses and firstly three witnesses saw the plates and later eight more were granted the privilege. Smith called out what he saw on the glasses to his secretary who wrote what he dictated down. The Book of Mormon was supposed to have been written in Reformed Egyptian. Smith proclaimed himself to be a Prophet and he brought out several revelations before his assassination by a mob in 1844. He had claimed that the Father and the Son appeared to him in 1820 when he prayed about what Church to join. They told him to join none for they were all abominations and the disciples of these Churches were all corrupt. There is so much religious fraud going on that one or two frauds have to strike it lucky and get away with it. The founders of Christianity and Mormonism struck it very lucky indeed.
The Christian Church says that God and morality are somehow inherently the same entity. The Church argues that you cannot really understand what justice and love are unless there is a God. The Church says that the problem of evil and babies suffering unfairly cannot disprove God for without God you cannot believe in fairness in the first place.
Mormons do not believe in this kind of God. For them, God was not always God. He became God by living a righteous life. For Mormons, there are many Gods. They deny that God dwells in your heart. The Mormon God is just a pagan God who seems decent. But how decent is he when he lets people die and babies suffer? Mormons have no hope of solving the problem of evil and they adore a bystander man god who lets terrible things happen and who kills people making him a murderer. Their god is just the devil if there is one. He is not a god but a man with magical powers. He cannot be distinguished from a wizard. He is progressing in power and wisdom and glory and thus does not know all things. Thus the notion, "evil happens for it results in a greater good which is why God puts up with it" does not really agree with the Mormon deity. He cannot know enough to have the right to let babies starve to death.
The Book of Mormon gives us the Christian God who is everywhere. Theologians say that God hearing us and protecting us is not magic for God by his nature, his presence, is everywhere. If you can move a pot on the cooker because you are there that is normal. If you can move a pot on earth while you are on the moon that is magic. Mormonism now teaches that God is a man of flesh and bone and exists only in one small space. He is not everywhere for he is a resurrected man. Thus when he hears prayers and does you a favour that is magic. Mormonism is an occult religion. It redefines Christian terms such as God. When it talks about man's spirit or soul it means that spirit or soul is a bodily entity - its a body that cannot be detected. Spirit and soul are understood in a materialistic way. Spiritualism does the same thing. The medium will tell you that Uncle Tom is enjoying his pipe in the afterlife and had boiled eggs this morning. Mormonism is firmly occult.
The Temple Ceremony is full of occultism and depends heavily on Masonic ideas and rituals. There are magic handclasps and magic words given by which you can enter Heaven. The oaths used to be bloodcurdling and malevolent and invoked supernatural forces to cut ones throat and spill ones guts should the secrets of the Temple be revealed. Oaths and prayers taken from occult rituals have been identified in the ritual. Plus Adam prays to God in the ceremony and Satan answers! The ceremony shows just how flawed and limited the Mormon "God" is. He is like the weak god of the witches who has to get power from the witches before he can do anything magical.
The three main witnesses who testified that Smith had the gold plates and was empowered by God to translate were Martin Harris, David Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery. References are from The Case Against Mormonism, Vol Two).

Martin Harris stated that the Mormons were frauds (page 30).

David Whitmer was told by the voice of God to depart from the Latter-day Saints and he said he was as sure of this as he was that God told him the Book of Mormon was inspired to leave the Latter-day Saints. He was chosen by God to lead the Church if Joseph should die in 1834 (page 22). God told Whitmer in a revelation that the Mormons had indulged in all manner of evil and deceit that the people of the world had never committed (page 24). The world was guilty of false religion and changing scriptures according to the Book of Mormon so could it be that the Mormon Church was based on a false Book of Mormon? Hiram Page and Jacob, John and David Whitmer all joined David’s Church and accused Smith of apostasy (page 25). David seemed to hold that all Smith could do supernaturally was translate the Book of Mormon (page 26). Whitmer was known as a man of complete honesty by his neighbours when he lived in Richmond, Missouri (page 32). When Mormons say that Whitmer told the truth about the gold plates they should believe him when he stated that Smith had fallen like David and Solomon and had a voice from Heaven to back it up.

The Mormons sometimes claim that when Whitmer was told by God in 1838 to separate himself from the Latter-day Saints that since he had already been excommunicated the revelation was not telling him that the Latter-day Saint movement was untrue and to leave it for he was not part of it but to keep away from the Latter-day Saints at Far West in case he would corrupt them. They have to say this because Whitmer was one of the three supreme witnesses to the Book of Mormon and he said that this voice was as sure as the voice that told him the Book of Mormon was true. But Whitmer always interpreted the revelation as telling him to keep away from the Mormon Church for it and its prophet Joseph had apostatised. God would not have misled Whitmer or risked misleading him. The Mormon Church should say then that Whitmer was a false prophet for only false prophets get revelations they can misunderstand or they should say he lied about God’s voice. But they dare not say either for that would mean that God went to the bother of appointing a man lacking in integrity in religion as a main witness to the Book of Mormon. The Mormons instead of saying that the revelation supports Mormonism should see that if it is ambiguous then they have no right to say it supports their faith for they do not know.

All three witnesses accused Joseph Smith of being a fallen prophet (page 10).

Smith originally taught that there was one God and marriage should be monogamous and contradicted these doctrines with new revelations later. He even went as far as to alter his own revelations. The witnesses therefore were telling the truth about Mormonism not being the true religion.
The Book of Mormon firmly teaches monotheism and says that there is no God but one (Alma 11). By contrast, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds that there are countless gods and only two are to be worshipped and they are the Father and the Son. They are one God only in purpose. The Mormons say that the texts that say there is only one God mean that there is only one supreme god over this world, the Father. But when the book never mentions any other gods this interpretation is false.

Under the second Prophet of the Church, Brigham Young, it was taught that God the Father was none other than Adam. He said that Adam was the only god with whom we have anything to do (Journal of Discourses 1, 50). The Mormon Church now says that since Adam was the first man and started off the human race he is the only god with whom we have to do in this sense but he is not God the Father. But Brigham complained that the Church could not accept the doctrine that God had revealed to him about Adam (page 70, Mormonism, Mama and Me) which would only be a problem if he believed that Adam and God the Father were the same. In Deseret Weekly News, June 18th 1873, Brigham stated that there was a lot of unbelief that Adam was God in the Church and that God had revealed that he was Adam to Brigham and that Adam said that the spirit children he fathered before he came to earth were to come to earth and become man. Mormons believe that God the Father is the Father of all spirits on earth. Mormons have no problem with Adam being a god and the physical origin of mankind but even they cannot stomach the idea of Adam being God the Father – showing that Mormons claiming that Young has been misinterpreted is untrue. This may be because the Book of Mormon makes a sharp distinction between Adam and the Father (Mosiah 3; Mormon 9:12). It speaks of the perfection of God and says that Adam sinned so Adam can’t be God. Also, the Church never worshipped Adam until the year 1852 when Brigham revealed that Adam was God at the General Conference which rendered the prophet totally infallible according to Doctrine and Covenants 68:4 and he also said that anything he wrote was scripture (Journal of Discourses, 13:95). Against that the Church says that Brigham said that the Bible contains the word of God and the words of the Bible are just what they are and contains the word of bad men and angels as well as good (Journal of Discourses, 13:175, 235). They try to argue that Brigham denied that scripture was perfectly reliable. But the Bible was believed by Mormons to have been altered in the first place so it was different for Brigham to say that about it. Plus what he said does not necessarily imply that the Bible was not word for word the word of God. He could have believed that God inspired his prophets to put the words of bad men in the Bible.

Brigham said that everybody on earth would soon know that Adam was God the Father. The Church says that this does not mean that the Adam God doctrine was being made official doctrine. But it must have been when it would have to be stressed like that. You are not going to plan to let everybody know that Adam is God if it is not official doctrine for there is enough to teach people without that complication if it is not official doctrine. He said later that the subject of Adam God did not concern the immediate welfare of the people (HDC, April 25th, 1855). But that might only mean that other things needed stressing for the people had problems accepting the doctrine. The Mormons say that if Brigham as a private person not as Prophet of the Church mistakenly thought that God the Father was Adam he is not saying that Adam is God but making a minor mistake thinking that God came to earth as Adam. They say if there is an error it is about what God has done not who God is. Mormons wouldn’t be so understanding if the pope claimed to have left his body and was replaced by God. It is still idolatry. To say that the Father came to the earth as Adam is to say he sinned and even the Book of Mormon says that Adam sinned. Yet Mormonism believes that when God made the world he was purified and no sin could attract him. To identify God and Adam is to blaspheme God.

One wonders how God the Father could have accepted worship coming from people who did not intend to worship Adam. Such an important doctrine would have been revealed earlier in the Church and by Joseph Smith. When Smith revealed that God was an exalted man in the King Follett Discourse he said that Adam was made in his image and likeness (page 181, Mormonism, Mama and Me). So it was revealed to Smith that God made Adam and that Adam was not God.

The Church teaches that an apostate priest or Prophet cannot continue the true Church or be a part of it. The Mormon Prophet, Spencer W Kimball who said that the Adam God doctrine was heresy and pretends it was not taught by Brigham Young got his priesthood in a line that stretches back to Brigham Young (page 74, Mormonism, Mama and Me). Joseph Smith produced an Inspired Version of the Bible that accepted what Deuteronomy 18 says about false prophets, that if they err even in one small revelation they are to be abandoned and murdered. The Mormon Church cannot be the true or right Church when it is led by false prophets.

The Mormon Church believes that some sins are so bad that one can only atone for them by dying and spilling blood in doing so. Brigham Young who claimed that his works were equal to scripture and who was the Prophet of the Church said that thieves should be murdered on the spot (Journal of Discourses, Volume I or Mormonism, Mama and Me page 121). The Book of Mormon mentions the deaths of Nehor and Zemnarihah but never says they were killed for this reason or that God approved if they were or that God approved at all though Brigham says they were – that is adding to God’s word. He’s forcing an alien interpretation on it. Laman who was slain by Nephi was killed to prevent the nation dwindling in heresy and scepticism (1 Nephi 4:13). Not once does the Book of Mormon say that God approved of the practice of capital punishment among the Nephites. 2 Nephi 9:35 and Alma 34:12 say that the murderer who kills will die but does it mean die naturally? The Mormon Prophet, Joseph Fielding Smith wrote that blood atonement was a scriptural doctrine that is all the standard scriptures (Doctrines of Salvation, Volume 1). Another false revelation.

The Book of Mormon says that God will show its readers that it is true (Moroni 10:29). It infers that when it seeks to persuade men that Christ should be believed in and agrees with what reason says is good and evil (Moroni 7:16) that its doctrine does that. How can it do that if it has left out the Mormon doctrines unless the Mormon doctrines are false? The feeling that the book is true has led many into the errors of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How could God give you a testimony that the book is true when it will lead to a Church that does not really believe in the book?

Mormonism can look very convincing when you have one side of the story and I give the Church credit for ingenuity in devising its apologetics. But there are fatal blunders in the entire system. The system depends too much on speculation to have credibility when the truth is that only a religious system with the fewest problems that need speculation to solve it should be accepted. Remember Occam’s Razor. A system that is too hard to defend against fair and understandable criticisms is not from God. Mormonism to me is a warning about how dangerous religion is for this is a religion that has no credibility and lies and cheats to get converts and it gets away with it,,
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Excellent refutation of the claims of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon
Refutes the Mormon claim that Smith was a real prophet of God. The Mormons accept the validity of Ezekiel 12:21-28 which says that if a prophecy is too long in being fulfilled then it is a false prophecy. A prophecy will come true by chance given long enough. Smith made many prophecies that have not come true yet so he was a false prophet. By the same criteria, the Old Testament prophets failed and the Christian claim that they predicted Jesus and his life by the power of God is false for even if the prophecies did come true it was not God that was behind it. Doctrine and Covenants 1:37 pledges that every word prophesised by Smith will come true for God has spoken. On January 4th 1833 Smith predicted by the authority of Jesus that there were people then living who would see the twelve tribes of Israel gathered to Missouri. This never happened. Slaves did not rise up and cause a war as he predicted in Doctrine and Covenants 87. God told Smith that the communism practiced by his Church would never be done away and would still be done when he comes again (Doctrine and Covenants 104). The Mormon Church dropped the communism causing minor schisms on the basis that the Church could no longer be the true Church for doing that.
www.xmission.com/~country/reason/ldshist1.htm This page shows plainly the harm that the Christian Church in general is doing with its rotten Bible for the evil commanded by God in the Bible is defended on the basis that it has a purpose known to God and this is used to justify the terrible doctrines such as polygamy that the Mormons used to live out. The page does what all apologists for religion does, ignore the major problems and nitpicks on rather minor errors in the hope of showing the critics to be not worth listening to. For example, the Tanners believed that Joseph Smith copied his father’s story of a dream he had in 1811 into the Book of Mormon as the dream of Lehi because Joseph’s mother Lucy wrote about the dream in 1845 and the two were identical in all serious points. The page says that Lucy Smith simply filled in her memory of her husband’s dream subconsciously from the Book of Mormon. But she had family and friends to help her remember. The page says that since the Book of Mormon was written first and she was writing 15 years later it is wrong to say that the author of the Book of Mormon was the one doing the copying. But how do you know? It is still most probable that the Tanners are right. If it is not then we still have no reason to take one side or the other. Anyway, what about the more serious objections to the Book of Mormon that the Tanners made? He’s nitpicking.
The page says that since the Temple ceremony of the Mormons has many elements in it like Masonry that Smith did not borrow from Masonry for Masonry might have been partly divinely inspired. This denies Occam’s Razor, stick to the simplest explanation and that is that Smith stole Masonic rites. With the logic of the page you could say the book or song you got caught plagiarising was not copied on purpose but somebody must have telepathically put the words of an existing song and the music into your unsuspecting mind.

At Mormons in Transition Website www.irr.org


Barry R Bickmore


MORMONISM UNVAILED: MORE EVIDENCE THAT IT IS TRUE. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry


This shows that when Smith translated the book of Abraham he invented hieroglyphics where there was a piece missing from the papyri. The characters Smith added make no sense to translators. Yet he translated these imaginary hieroglyphics! His mother and close associate David Whitmer spoke of Joseph copying characters of the gold plates of the Book of Mormon before he translated and that like the Book of Abraham Smith often produced two lines in the manuscript with the translation of a single character which shows that the whole Book of Mormon thing was a hoax.
by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Gathers evidence that indicates that it was possible that Smith was insane and had manic depression.


A ridiculous rebuttal that has been taken into account for this book and refuted.

Excellent refutation of the reliability of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon