If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone


Mercenary Medjugorje

Why Mary is not Appearing There



Vicka jumps away from the man about to stab her in the eyes during a “vision”.  She claims she is not aware of what is around her when seeing the Virgin and that she jumped because Mary seemed to be about to drop the baby Jesus and she wanted to catch him!  Then why jump backwards and not open the hands to catch the child?  Also note that these two visionaries are not looking in the same direction.  It is as if they are only pretending that there is a person only the visionaries can see in front of them.



Again two “visionaries” looking in different directions and expressing different emotions as if they are play acting


Vicka in September 2013.  A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes glows in Vicka's old house.  “I was on the road when my mother called and told me. I just told her, “This is Our Lady’s will. Pray!” Vicka tells the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija.

The statue was taken for investigation and was never mentioned since.  Images of it show that it was plastered in luminous paint and is a hoax.


The Vatican decreed in November 2013 that attendance at anything that assumes the visions are from God is forbidden.  Yet on 2 December 2013 the apparition supposedly tells Mirjana that she is really appearing. 


"Dear children; with a motherly love and a motherly patience I am looking at your ceaseless wandering and how lost you are.  That is why I am with you. I desire to help you to first find and come to know yourself, so that, then, you would be able to recognize and to admit everything that does not permit you to get to know the love of the Heavenly Father, honestly and wholeheartedly.  My children, the Father comes to be known through the cross.  Therefore, do not reject the cross.  Strive to comprehend and accept it with my help.  When you will be able to accept the cross you will also understand the love of the Heavenly Father; you will walk with my Son and with me; you will differ from those who have not come to know the love of the Heavenly Father, those who listen to Him but do not understand Him, those who do not walk with Him - who have not come to know Him. I desire for you to come to know the truth of my Son and to be my apostles; that, as children of God, you may rise above the human way of thinking and always, and in everything, seek God's way of thinking, anew. My children, pray and fast that you may be able to recognize all of this which I am seeking of you. Pray for your shepherds and long to come to know the love of your Heavenly Father, in union with them. Thank you."


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This book

The Setting

What Are We Aiming To Refute?

Is Zanic A Liar?

The Medjugorje Deception

Vego And Prusina

Heresy And Medjugorje

Brother Michael

Other Problems



In the light of the fact that Medjugorje and the three days a week fasting its apparition demands while it gives us loads of detailed visions we can think of Colossians 2:18 to 19: "Let no one disqualify you, insisting on asceticism and worship of angels, going on in detail about visions".


The Setting


The apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six youngsters in the village of Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia, are the main force in the strength of Catholic style devotion in modern times.  I say Catholic style deliberately because whatever the Medjugorje Lady leads people to it is not real Roman Catholicism.  The apparitions and their divine origin can be refuted and refuted conclusively and this is the task which I lay out for myself now.  These apparitions resulted in independence for Croatia (page 190, The Medjugorje Deception) and the support of Croatian nationalism may have been one of the main objectives that motivated the seers to fabricate the visions.


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What are we aiming to refute?


In 1981, on June 24th, a strange report heralded the beginning of the Medjugorje industry.  Six children reported seeing a shape standing up a hill.  The next day four of these with a few others went back to the hill and they got a closer look at the figure who said she was the Virgin Mary.  Soon the Lady began to appear to them in the parish Church of Medjugorje.  The seers are: Vicka Ivankovic, Mirjana Dragicevic, Marija Pavlovic, Ivan Dragicevic, Ivanka Ivankovic and Jakov Colo.  She gave them ten secrets which prophesy the future.  Only some of the visionaries report seeing the Lady on a daily basis.  The Lady stopped appearing to the rest except on special occasions.  The visions have been condemned by two diocesan bishops, bishops of Mostar who alone have been declared by Rome and “infallible” Catholic tradition to have the authority to pronounce upon the vision.  The bishop in the Catholic system is the successor of the apostles while the pope is the successor of the apostles and also one specific apostle, Peter.  The authority of the apostles to run the Church both in discipline and in caring for the faith has been transmitted to the bishops in an apostolic succession that can be traced back to the apostles which is why laypeople cannot ordain bishops. 

   Medjugorians make out that the bishops are acting in bad faith which justifies their ignoring them.  But even then they have to be obeyed for that is what the rule about obedience is for: making you do what you are told even if you think the bishop is wrong or in bad faith for the sake of unity and order in the Church.  If you keep thinking the bishop is wrong or deceiving and that entitles you to disobey, there is no point in him asking for your obedience.  Jesus would then have been a fool for setting up the apostles and bishops to lead the flock.

   The fact that the Virgin has revealed ten secrets some of which are scary and predicted war and chastisements from God if her message is unheeded is adequate proof that the visions are heretical.  The Church says that apparitions are not to add to the gospel message which was delivered once and for all by the apostles to the Church hundreds of years ago.  So they do not add to revelation which is why, in Catholic dogma, you are not bound to believe in them.  But an apparition that makes threats of natural disasters and plagues and wars is stating very serious stuff.  Information like that has to come from a totally reputable source.  And if it comes from such a source the source has to make it clear that it is not enough for it to be honest and knowledgeable but it has also to be able to prove to the people that it is such a source. 

  The Medjugorje Virgin with her dislike of scientific investigation which she stated was not necessary is obviously either not aware of this or she does not care or she does not exist.  The visions then by making threats are claiming to have as much authority as scripture which the Church says they cannot have for scripture cannot be added to and therefore they are heretical.  The Church has tolerated many apparitions similar to Medjugorje which made violent threats and evoked much terror which indicates that the Church has no competence in judging if an apparition is supernatural or not.  How could it manage that when it cannot even judge if it is heretical or not?

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The Medjugorje Deception


The Medjugorje Deception was written by E Michael Jones.  It claims to expose Medjugorje as more than just being a hoax, but as a very dangerous hoax. 

    It reveals that Fr Tomaslav Vlasic became a father by a nun called Manda in 1977.  Yet the Virgin had nothing but praise for this man.  She should have said nothing but simply recommended somebody more suitable to direct and guide the visionaries.  A priest who does that is supposed to own up and stop celebrating the sacraments.  Again the Virgin condones and even encourages disobedience and deception.  Vlasic manipulated the nun by convincing her that it was God’s will that she say nothing about the child’s paternity.  He compared her to Mary and said she and her baby would be blessed with wonderful gifts from Heaven (page 49).  The real Virgin would not tolerate a man as sly as that.  It would reflect badly on the authenticity of her appearances for he could be manipulating the visionaries.  Sr Briege Mc Kenna told Vlasic that God would send him his mother Mary and she prayed over Vlasic.  Briege must have approved of his deception for she had acquired a reputation for reading minds.  Soon the Virgin began appearing in Medjugorje.

    The Franciscans engaged in a regime of horrific persecution of the Orthodox Church in Yugoslavia in combination with the Ustashi in the forties.  Symbols of the Ustashi were stuck to the candles on the altar after the apparitions began on at least one occasion (71).  Zovko was in charge of the liturgical affairs.  Nice reliable guy that! 

    The time the lady doctor tried to touch the apparition the visionaries all said the Virgin had called the doctor a disbelieving Judas whereas she should have said a disbelieving Thomas.  Ivanka felt pressured when attention was drawn to this mistake so she changed the subject by claiming that the doctor saw a cloud as the Lady departed (page 78).  Laurentin changed Judas into Thomas in his book on the messages (page 78).  Even he agreed that the Virgin had made a mistake that the real Virgin wouldn’t have made and he decided to hide it.

    Mirjana read a book on Lourdes before the visions and then she said later that she had never heard of Lourdes before they began (83).  She knew that if she could make people believe she could behave as a true visionary without knowing how visionaries behaved she would make her visions more credible.

    Fr Bubalo had a taped interview with Vicka who did not know what the annunciation, the time an angel told Mary that she was to be the mother of Jesus Christ, was (120-121).  Vicka was asked if she could recall a feast when the Virgin dressed richly.  She thought on one at the end of March.  He asked her if it was the annunciation.  She said she was not sure and did not remember what the Virgin said about that day.  She said that it is clear and it isn’t clear to her what is remembered on that day.  Bubalo then told her what the annunciation was.  Vicka said that the Virgin was extremely happy that day and was not as happy even at Christmas.  Yet Vicka was allegedly told the life story of the Virgin in the apparitions.  Her reply when asked about what the feast commemorated is a typical brush-off when one does not know the answer.  Bubalo tries to prompt her for he is embarrassed by her ignorance.  If the Virgin was that overjoyed she would have remembered why the Virgin was so hyper.  And it is strange that Mary would be happier about the annunciation than the birth of Jesus.  It was not as if the angel told her she was conceiving that very moment.  The existence of Jesus is more important than the announcement that Jesus will exist. 

    The Virgin continues to invite and welcome pilgrims to Medjugorje even after the Vatican forbade pilgrimages to this apparition site in 1985 (124).  The real Virgin would say that you can come to see what is going on but not as a pilgrim.  A pilgrimage is only done where apparitions or whatever are recognised by the Church.  Pilgrimage is the word for a prayerful trip to a recognised miracle site.  She never said that.  The fruit of her appearances has been disobedience to the Vatican which she commands obedience to!  She kissed a picture of the pope on one occasion.

    Zanic had a second commission in 1986 which pronounced the visions false but never made its conclusions public.  This belies the notion that Zanic would do anything to destroy Medjugorje (124).  He behaves like an honest man who does not wish to upset anybody.  If he has to say something he says it but he does not set out to discredit Medjugorje so enthusiastically that his integrity comes under question.  The Vatican got the report and its Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith commanded a third commission and created it without the request of Zanic or any other bishop in Yugoslavia.  The Congregation gave out a decree that nothing must be done that implies that the apparitions are supernatural such as pilgrimages or anything (125).  Zanic was informed by Cardinal Ratzinger that the Cardinal believed the apparitions were inauthentic in 1988.  Ratzinger never repudiated this statement so Zanic is telling the truth though many Medjugorians disbelieve him.  A priest said that Ratzinger did say this (125, 127, 184).  The Vatican bases its decisions on science and on compatibility with Catholic doctrine.  It cannot have the prejudice attributed to the bishops. 

    A minority of experts claim that the apparitions cannot be naturally explained but the ones employed by the commission thought of natural explanations.  In cases of doubt, the preference must be given to the persons who plausibly deny the supernatural appearances.

    Fr Jozo Zovko who has spoken many things that make it seem the apparition is genuine and from God is said to be a molester of female pilgrims (164).  A man called Waterinchx from Belgium raised thousands for Medjugorje says that he knows a dozen women who had this bad experience.  Zovko was eventually suspended as a result of the complaints in 1989 (165).  Bishop Peric who succeeded Zanic suspended him again in 1994 for refusing to obey lawful orders.  Zovko was proved to have been a liar in the Network 5 interview for the video, Visions on Demand.  Marija said he was no saint in 1994 (165).  The Virgin said to Marija that he was a saint in 1981.  The real Virgin would not give anybody a big head by saying such a thing.  And Marija would have been told not to tell.  When the Virgin did not condemn his deep involvement in the spiritual lives of the visionaries she must have thought he was a saint from 1981 until the truth about him came out.  She did not know his secrets so she was not the Virgin Mary.

    Medjugorje is a major place of pilgrimage for New Agers (191).  New Agers are into occultism and pantheism and believe that every person is God and tend to believe that there is no such thing as sin or evil.  They can use Catholic terminology but with the meanings changed.  A Fr Pavich found a quote from one of their occult books in a message of the Virgin in 1991.  The book was dictated by a spirit called Orin who said that negatives should be changed into positives which was exactly the advice that the Virgin said.  Since the children do not read the priest thought they were communicating with Orin and not Mary.  Perhaps it is coincidence?  Maybe.  But then again, maybe not! 

    But Ivan Dragicevic once said that they were seeing something (352).  This hints that he was not sure what they were seeing.  Mirjana once had a vision of a handsome young man who said that the Devil can appear as a something beautiful and that makes people happy.  One time the Virgin appeared and then Mary appeared and chased this Virgin away saying the first was the Devil.  This looks too staged for the Devil would know that she would not be letting him take his form unless she was planning to make a fool of him.

    Zanic commanded the children to deliver all messages to him and not to make them public (193).  They disobeyed and if they had really been seeing the Virgin and they were going to disobey she would have said nothing to them at all.  This was perfectly reasonable of the bishop for the authenticity of the apparitions was not certain.  The bishop whether right or wrong has the right to stop messages that may be made up or from Satan or from psychic powers.  Authority is not about being right but about keeping up order.

    The Virgin approved the fanciful book of revelations about the life of Jesus by Maria Valtorta called the Poem of the Man-God (200-201).  It is enough that this book says the Turin Shroud is authentic even though the Shroud man was not Jesus for he bled too when he was laid out.  The Church put it on the Index in the sixties and though the Index was done away Catholics are still forbidden to read what was on it (202).  Rome forbids bad reading so this is quite logical.  The Medjugorje centres furiously rejected the suggestion that the Church and not the apparition should be listened to (204).

   The Wikipedia article on Poem of the Man-God says, “The Medjugorje visions by Marija Pavlovic and Vicka Ivankovic have both stated that Maria Valtorta’s records of her conversations with Jesus are truthful. According to Ivankovic, in 1981 the Virgin Mary told her at Medjugorje: “If a person wants to know Jesus he should read Maria Valtorta”.”



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Vego and Prusina


In 1980, Zanic made a parish in Mostar by taking away most of those parishes run by the Franciscans.  The Franciscans rebelled viciously against the bishop and the two worst recalcitrants were Fathers Vego and Prusina.  They were suspended in 1980 and were told to leave Mostar the next year.  The Vatican even sent a delegate to tell them that if they did not obey the bishop they would have to be thrown out of the order (page 74, The Medjugorje Deception).  The Virgin told Vicka that the bishop was wrong about them (page 97).  Vego was delighted to hear this message and because of it he went back to Mostar (page 99).  The Vatican expelled the pair in 1982 (100).  The Virgin and the visionaries welcomed them to Medjugorje to hear confessions and say Mass in spite of the prohibitions (118).  There is a video of Vego asking praying children if they can see the Virgin and using techniques to try and make them see her.  The real Virgin would be able to appear without the visionary being prepared so it shows there were people who were expert at ways of inducing visions which would at best be psychic illusions.  It also shows Vego making a boy lying on his stomach write down the message the way it is done in automatic writing.  He felt the boy’s limbs to make sure the boy was okay (page 119).  We have a case of a vision being induced somehow that can even cause physical harm.  Mediums in spiritualism are all developed more or less the same way.  Perhaps if one read up on it and devised new techniques one could create somebody with a brain like a medium’s but which would baffle the experts.  If there is anything baffling about the Med Six and I am not sure there is then that could be the explanation. 

    The Virgin told the children in January 1982 that Vego and Prusina should stay in their ministry at Mostar (page 41, Medjugorje After Fifteen Years).  She repeated herself in April that same year.  Vicka said on tape that the Virgin said all this and she never went back on that (page 42).  The Virgin has no right to cause trouble in a Church that says apparitions are not a substitute for Church authority but are optional for belief.  The Med Virgin should be honest and claim that her utterances are new scripture.


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Heresy and Medjugorje


Let us look at the religious evidence against the apparitions.

    In a pro-Medjugorje booklet,  I beg you: listen to my messages and live them,” we find some of it.  This was published by Padraic Dunne of Drogheda, County Louth in 1992.

    “I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time.  Later, I will not appear anymore on this earth” (May 2, 1982).  There have been more credible apparitions since for example the apparitions to Maria Esperanza and hundreds of others in Venezuela accepted by the Church as truly from Heaven are more believable though they started before Medjugorje and continued on after it. 

   The first sentence shows she means the apparitions of Medjugorje will be the last.  The Devil might fake Medjugorje solely to draw people away from and scorn upon anybody who has a real vision of Mary in the future.  The Virgin is telling the Church not to approve any other apparition and that is wrong when the Church says it is never sure of apparitions but merely permits them.  She is obviously commanding that Medjugorje be recognised by the Church.  The Church is over the apparition and the apparition is not over the Church.  The visionaries say that the Virgin told them that when the visions of Medjugorje stop all other apparitions around the world will stop (page 60, Medjugorje by David Baldwin).  There is no point in the Virgin saying this for there will always be people who lie about having visions and who seem plausible if visions are ever plausible.  She is declaring that a bishop who does not believe in Medjugorje and who decides to authenticate another apparition after Medjugorje ceases is wrong to do so and has no legitimate authority to do so.  But according to Catholic dogma he has for he does not have to believe in Medjugorje even if the Church accepts it so he will feel free to recognise the new apparition.  The Virgin has no need to say such things at all.  The message is clear: the visionaries are claiming to be the most important visionaries ever.  They are also trying to become the only ones that are listened to.  This arrogance in them is taken in others as evidence that their apparitions are not from Heaven for they are not making them holy.

  Medjugorje claims to be the site of the last apparitions.  The threats it makes, make its “good” fruits (which supporters appeal to as evidence that the visitation is from Heaven!) useless because we cannot help suspecting that they are produced by fear and not love.  Its desire to prevent its supporters from agreeing with the Church should the Church approve apparitions after its time is a sure mark of inauthenticity.  The real Virgin would not say if the apparitions were final and would leave it to the Church to work that out with the help of the Holy Spirit.  The Medjugorje Virgin is tying the hands of the hands of the Church and yet she can have no right to authority without the Church.  What does that say?  The apparitions are not from Heaven!

    “Pray, Pray, Pray.  You will get nothing from chatter, but only from prayer.  If someone asks you about me and about what I say, answer’ it is no use to explain.  It is in praying that we will understand better” (October 27, 1983). 

    This is nonsense.  Mormons pray a lot and their prayers only make them love the lies and fictions of their religion far far more.  Chatter conveys information more than prayer does.  The Church says that prayer enables you to receive help from God to understand the gospel.  Why does she say we and not you?  Because the message was made up by the children.

     More nonsense follows which says that fasting does miracles and that good works and charity is no substitute.  July 21, 1982  "The best fast is on bread and water. Through fasting and prayer, one can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature. Charity cannot replace fasting. Those who are not able to fast can sometime replace it with prayer, charity, and a confession; but everyone, except the sick, must fast."

   In 1983, the Virgin said that the creed is the most beautiful prayer.  She meant the Apostles Creed which was the mainly used creed in that area.  People recited it to bless holy water and her beloved rosary began with it.  It is the depth of spirituality in it that would appeal to her and not the words.  And this depth consists of the fact that it contains doctrines God has revealed and is praising God indirectly by saying that his words are true.  But there are so many doctrines left out of the creed.  The Apostles Creed which is used at the start of the Rosary is the worst and the Nicene Creed which is an improvement but not great either but it would have been better.  Why didn’t she recommend the Creed of Pope Pius V which confesses all the major Catholic doctrines?  The Virgin did not say that the creed was the nicest prayer.  To her the Our Father which prays for God to change you would be better and contains prayers of submission to God such as, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done” would have been the nicest prayer.  Jesus recommended the Our Father when he was asked by people who used creeds and scriptures and psalms to pray as if it was better than any other prayer and nicer.  If she liked creeds because they state beliefs then she would have put the best creed of all at the start of the Rosary which she said she revealed, not the worst and vaguest one.

    “But why are you praying?  To be with God.  To experience God within you.  After five minutes of prayer something ought to happen within you, if you do it properly” (March 1985).

    This denies that quality and not quantity matters.  It is putting a time limit on God’s power.  Jesus said that we must not think that God will hear us better if we pray more.  The Church tradition has recommended ejaculations or short prayers.  “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee”, is an example.  The Church always said that you can pray for a grace from God and you will only know if something has happened to bless your soul with virtue because of that prayer later – later as in may be years later.  And you will know you have been blessed when you do something good but unusual for you to do.

    “Today, I invite you to pray every day for the souls in purgatory…By this way, dear children, you will gain new intercessors” (November 6, 1986).  If the souls in purgatory only pray for those who helped them then they will never get out of that place or if they are in Heaven they should not be.  And the Virgin dares to preach loving the person who has not helped you and enemies!

    “Every agitation comes from Satan” (August 15, 1983).  As if Satan cannot give you good feelings to seduce you and as if God cannot annoy you to benefit your soul!  If she is right the Catholic God does not exist.

    In the booklet by Fr Tomislav Vlasic OFM (Spiritual Director of the Visionaries), Our Lady Queen of Peace, published in 1984, East Sussex, England, page 7 we read that the Virgin said on the subject of world conversion: “Tell the world not to wait, it needs to convert.  When God comes he will not be joking; I tell you that you must take my messages seriously.”  This implies that the punishment is nigh but it has not happened yet.

    The Virgin told a group that they could not do their duties for they did not pray enough (page 11).  Quantity more than quality again. 

    In the book, Scientific and Medical Studies on the Apparitions at Medjugorje, page 121, the claim that the Virgin said that all religions are the same is answered.  This claim had arisen over the Virgin saying that there is neither division or religion in God.  It is said that she only meant that God is not a divisive bigot and loves you for what you are and not because of what religion you belong to.  But she never clearly said she meant this.  God could love you as you are and treat you differently because of your wrong religion for his purpose which she believed he did do for he does not give the Protestants the Mass so it is unlikely that she meant that.  She meant that the doctrinal components of faith do not matter and that God sees neither different faiths or religions. 

    She did say that men caused divisions and not God.  She and the visionaries know that is untrue for God converted the Jews and left the rest of the world to their own devices meaning that error and division were predominant.  The Bible itself says that God creates division for God told the Jews to be holy that is separate from other nations and to look down on them and Jesus himself did not go out of his way to convert Gentiles though he easily could have but focused on the Jews.  Jesus commanded division from the Jewish leaders even those who seemed decent for he accused them of being actors.

    As coherent as ever the Virgin said, “The fact that you belong to one religion or another is not without importance.  The Spirit is not equally present in each Church” (page 121).  So, she is saying that sincerity is not enough.  That is an appalling statement.  If you sincerely believe that fire will not burn you and get burnt that does not mean that sincerity should not ideally be enough.  Fire may have to burn us in this world but that does not mean that  God has the right to go out of his way to hurt us by our sincerity.  To say there is one true faith is one thing and you can’t have a religion or a Church without it but to start running down the holiness of other Churches is not on.  Wrong Churches can be closer to God than the right one.  The Lady is causing division by her silliness.  If all religions are equal and the Catholic Church is the holiest then she is saying that doctrine does not matter.  She forgets that by appearing she is indicating that it does matter.

    The very fact that the visions of Medjugorje are revelations is proof enough that they are false.  Revelation implies that sincerity is not enough by merely happening.  If sincerity sufficed there would be no need for it to get into Heaven.

  The Virgin is really into ecumenism with a vengeance.  She stresses reconciliation between enemies and different religions.  That is why she calls herself the Queen of Peace.  She commands that the gospels be read and says they are the word of God.  Then why does she contradict Jesus in Matthew 18:15-18 who commands division?  He says you should send a person who offended you some warnings and if they don’t repent then send them to Coventry and make outcasts of them.  He didn’t even say the offence had to be serious!  This totally contradicts the Virgin’s teaching that we must warm up our enemies to God by being very kind towards them.  She has said on more on one occasion that her main message of peace is in the gospels already.  She has reiterated Jesus’ doctrine that we should be praying for enemies and loving them for God sends the same rain as a kindness to the just and the unjust.  That is absurd for if God letting war happen does not mean God approves of it then God sending rain on us all does not mean he is kind to the just.  He might have to do it and then it cannot be called kindness.  The errors in the messages suggest that if the visionaries are seeing anything they are lying about what is going on for infernal or celestial beings would not make blunders for they have too great a store of information available to them and should have perfect memory retention.

    Laurentin argues that the Lady gave an apologetic for the Catholic Church when she told the visionaries that her appearing in a Catholic Church should say a lot to them (121).  But maybe she just meant she could not be the Devil when she appeared in a Church?  She did not say and Laurentin guesses that she meant to imply the Catholic Church was true.  Perhaps she was just implying that Catholic Marian devotion was being approved or that the Catholic Church was the holiest Church?

  The Virgin and her cronies agree that the message of the apparitions can be summed up in Conversion, Mass, Bible-reading, Prayer, Penance and Confession.  The Virgin said that the Bible is the number one book to read for spiritual development.  That is untrue because the Bible is full of unsavoury morality and fanaticism and does conjuring tricks with facts.  The New Testament is full of commands like be gentle and loving but that is too vague.  We need to know what love is and it does not tell us.  There are millions of books that are better and more edifying and clearer than the Bible.  The vision was a liar or the visionaries are lying for even the Devil would know not to say anything so ridiculous.

  Jesus said in the last days that many and even the elect could be deceived by the mighty wonders the false Christs and false prophets will perform – which by the way is one of the reasons the fruits of Medjugorje are not as good as they look for the vast majority of pilgrims have not done the through checking up on the messages and the visions that would be necessary to avoid deception.  Their prayers lead them away from God as he is to their own false perception of a God who sanctions their disobedience and carelessness.  The fruits cannot be used as evidence that God is really working there.


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Brother Michael


A great devotee of Fatima and expert on apparitions, Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity had an article in the traditionalist Catholic, St John’s Bulletin on Medjugorje.

    Here is a synopsis.  My comments are in brackets.

    A lady doctor once told the visionaries in 1981 that they were too much into fashion to be real visionaries.  Fr Kraljevic said that the apparitions did not make much of a change in Mirjana’s lifestyle.

    The visionaries said that the first time they saw Mary on the hill they were there to gather flowers or collect sheep.  Laurentin sought hard to cover up their admission to the bishop that this was lies for they went there to smoke.  Laurentin’s cover up was more than clumsy.  Vicka confessed that they did go to smoke.  Laurentin says that they lied because they were afraid to break the oath by telling the whole truth.  That is bizarre reasoning and shows that he would do anything to make the apparitions look good.  Laurentin tried to say then that it was nothing important but it was when they lied to the bishop. 

    Vicka and Ivan were terrified at the first vision which suggests they saw something sinister or were in the presence of an evil spirit.  (Who would be afraid of Mary holding a baby?  The entity then seems to have persuaded them to say it was the Virgin Mary.)

    Laurentin says that the Virgin never told the children she would stop appearing at the end of the week of the first apparitions. 

    Zanic and the parish priest knew the Virgin did say it.

    Vicka was questioned by Bubalo and she said she could not remember if the Virgin said it.  That would be impossible to forget.  (She could not deny it for they said they heard the Virgin say it and she could not affirm it for she could not say the Virgin was wrong.  So all she could do was say she forgot.)  She said that if the records say they said that then they must have said it.  But she had to be sure they said it.

    The miracle of Mirjana’s watch changing time is rightly rejected as too silly and easily faked to be taken seriously.  When she would delude herself about something like that she would do anything to promote the visions even lying. 

    Vicka told Bubalo that people trampled on Mary which is grotesque. 

    Laurentin ignores the numerous times the visionaries let people touch and hug the Virgin Mary for this claim is too much to believe.  Vicka said the Lady’s veil can be dirtied and she saw people leaving marks on her as they touched her so Laurentin can only say it is not important.  (That would make him a liar for touching the Virgin would be more than important.)  Marinko who was in the middle of a mechanic job was summoned to Mary for a kiss.  He felt something like static on his face but not a kiss.  (That static is just like what you feel when you think somebody is about to hit you unexpectedly on the face within the next twenty seconds.)  The Virgin would do better than that.  Vicka got a doctor to feel behind the Virgin and guided his hand (page 116, Scientific and Medical Studies, etc.).  This would be most immodest. 

    The people are so deeply Catholic that they will obey the priests if they tell them to honour Mary of Medjugorje.  This obedience rather than the vision is the cause of the good fruits. 

    God set up one true faith so division from false religion and error is necessary.  The Lady of Medjugorje condemns division and says that divisive religion does not exist in God’s sight.  She says that division exists because believers separate themselves from one another.  The assertion that God doesn’t care what faith you belong to denies the Catholic teaching that God gives all the light to see the truth or at least know that they need to look further into the matter that they feel like disputing to keep the real Church of God together and so anybody who separates from it is breaking away from it and altering the faith revealed by Christ.

    Her command to respect other religions is disturbing for there is only one faith that should be respected, the true one.  (Michael would believe that you respect persons in other religions but you must hate their beliefs and be nice to them and try to enlighten them because you hate these beliefs.  Religion is a faith system and not the people in it so we have to hate wrong religion.  It has to be hated because we love the people.  Michael Davies teaches that the Virgin is teaching heresy when she commands, “You must respect each person’s religion” for the same reason: page 14, Medjugorje – After Fifteen Years). 

    Brother Michael is one of Fatima’s greatest fans.  He could not approve of Medjugorje which itself approves of Fatima for the Medjugorje Lady has none of the antagonism that the Fatima Virgin had towards communists symbolised by Russia.  The Fatima Virgin warned that communists would do much harm to the world if her Immaculate Heart was not consecrated soon.  This was done too late and Jesus allegedly told Lucia that.  The Med Virgin denies Fatima for she is full of love and kisses towards Marxists and communists and wants Catholics to learn from them.  The Communists were so pleased with the Med Virgin that they decided that Medjugorje was a good thing after initial opposition. 


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Other Problems


Fr Vlasic sent a report to Pope John Paul II and Bishop Zanic on the 2nd of December 1983 that relates Mirjana’s account of what the Virgin told her about Satan one day in a vision.  The Virgin started off by saying, “Excuse me for this, but you must know that Satan exists”.  But why would the Virgin have to apologise for something that needs to be told and which Mirjana already believed?  The mother of God does not need to apologise for she is full of the power and protection of God. 

    St Paul wrote that Christians must respect and obey and pay taxes to the Roman Empire for God gave it political power even though it is pagan and brutal and unjust (Romans 13).  The children of Medjugorje had visions and promoted them in spite of governmental prohibitions as did the children of Fatima and Bernadette of Lourdes.  Bernadette went to the grotto to have her vision because she had the supernatural feeling that the lady was planning to appear meaning Mary called her to the grotto despite her parents forbidding it.  The Med six risked their safety for the apparitions which is foolish for when apparitions have been made subject to the Church and are under Church authority it is dangerous to take risks for them.  The apparitions put them in unlawful danger for most apparitions according to the Church are not supernatural and are not from God if they are supernatural and only the Church is in a position to decide.  The apparitions encouraged disobedience to political authority so they cannot be really from God for the Bible and commonsense cannot condone their action.   

    Mirjana said that the Devil did not know that Mary would often appear during the twentieth century to warn, that God would give more grace then than ever before, and would sent chosen people whose loyalty to him could never be shaken (page 11, Fall 1995).  As if the Devil wouldn’t know what God was like and would do something cataclysmic to counteract the satanic influence even if God gave him more influence and power. 

    Does Satan know that Mary is appearing in Medjugorje if she is?  He might be intelligent but that doesn't mean he knows.  He might have no explanation for the visions either.  He might not use God as an explanation.  Attacks on Medjugorje are blamed on Satan.  But those who blame the attacks on him are doing wrong to him for they have no reason to think he knows what or who is appearing in Medjugorje.  Apparitions always lead to slander even against the Devil.

    The Virgin told Mirjana in the second year of the apparitions that anybody who has an abortion has to do penance for it all their life (Queen of Peace, Fall 1995, page 17).  Rationally and theologically, abortion cannot be the worst sin.  Most abortions are done when it is believed the baby has not become a person yet.

    The Queen of Peace newspaper prints all sorts of material from discredited stigmatists and visionaries and ones who have not been checked properly.  It shows no regard for scientific or even religious honesty.  Yet among its directors is Medjugorje apostles, Fr Rene Laurentin and Fr Michael O Carroll.  Their names appeared in an ad for it in the edition for spring 1997 which listed them as advisers and directors. 

  The Virgin of Medjugorje claims that she was 2000 on 5th August 1985.  A celebration of prayer was held in Medugorje at the time to mark this occasion.  But since the Matthew gospel says that Jesus was born before 4BC the year Herod died and this is accepted as being right by nearly all believers in the existence of Jesus it is undeniable that the lady has made a fatal mistake and inferred that she got pregnant at 10 or younger.  That is too young.  The lady contradicts the gospels. 

  No apparition can be true because Jesus said God comes first and he claimed to be the way and the truth and the life meaning that we should investigate Jesus and see who he is and get the facts right about what he stood for above all things.  It is only natural if God comes first that you will put truth first and keep it pure and check that it is pure.  Apparitions call us away from this for we can’t investigate everything and they call out for investigation.  It takes a vast amount of money to investigate them and Jesus was the one that wrecked the Temple money area and was more concerned about money going to the poor.  All apparitions since the New Testament was completed should be treated as false and satanic no matter how thrilling or edifying they seem to be.


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   Fr Vlasic’s interview with Mirjana shows that she is a bit mentally disturbed despite what the psychiatrists who have proclaimed all the children normal have been saying. 

   Ivan wants people to fast on bread and water three days a week according to the Virgin’s command.  But he is not doing it himself for he is very heavy and I would add the following: his example is a poor one for he lives in a mansion and drives a Mercedes.  The visionaries make the excuse that this does not mean that his heart is not with God alone.  But Jesus himself in the Sermon on the Mount stated that we must not hide our light under a bushel which is what Ivan would be doing then.  If we start accepting excuses like that we will never know when a religious nut is taking us for a ride for a nut rolling in cash and donations is most likely to be a confidence trickster.  It is interesting that Mary does not correct her visionaries’ errors when it comes to money and glory.

    Fr Vego had been trying to make young people have visions of Mary before the apparitions took place and there is a video to prove it.  He was believed to have had a lot to do with the entire hoax.

    Vicka’s lie about not being aware of her surroundings when having a vision – a lie which was backed up by some scientists who tested her – and Mirjana’s lie about the Virgin going to appear for the last time in three days in 1981 and years later she is still appearing are mentioned.  Mirjana was stated by her schoolmates to show signs of very bizarre and even crazy behaviour.  Despite the fact that the visionaries say that God will overthrow all things and send a terrible disaster over the whole world they have built opulent houses for themselves.  They are not very trusting of their Virgin when they feel they should enjoy their lives so greedily while the poor starve.  Why not give the money to them when their houses will soon be in ruins?  The site exposes the lies of Fr Rene Laurentin, the main instigator in the respectability that the cult has got, who has apparently resorted to getting people to forge and lie to cover up the blunders made by the so-called Virgin Mary.  Laurentin asked Bishop Zanic in 1983 not to publish the fact that the visionaries said the Lady had  been speaking against the bishop. 

Belief in miracles, when you see how fake miracles such as those of the US televangelists, Hindu "holy" men and Medjugorje and so on are the most popular, has mostly bad fruits.  Religion, in its duplicity, ignores this in order to pretend that some miracle sites such as Lourdes are good.  They say we are throwing out the baby with the bath water.  We are not.  There is not enough good coming from belief in miracles to make the propagation of that belief acceptable.

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The feet of the Virgin Mary have never touched Medjugorje.

   The logic in this book should be applied to similar cases.  Let it stand as a warning that people can be so persuasive and seem sincere and still be leading you astray.  It shows the madness of letting religious figures like Jesus and Mary have the final say in what you decide to do.

   It is easier to prove that an apparition is false for only one mistake tells the tale than to prove that it is true and has the hallmarks of a divine origin for faith itself demands complicated evidence.  Medjugorje offends the Catholic faith and refutes it if it is genuine for it demands belief and if the Catholic faith is true then Medjugorje is false.  The Bible says that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.  It says that Jesus was the perfect man and intercessor and saviour and there is no need for the Med Virgin to be another mediator.  Medjugorje is certainly more convincing than the gospel accounts of the risen Jesus appearing to the disciples.  Hoax or not, it is clearly proof that something that is without authority from Jesus though it uses his name has done better than he ever could. Evangelicals cannot use the gospels to prove or give convincing evidence for Christianity when something has went into competition with their Jesus and won. 

    When one analyzes many of the alleged miracles that accompany Marian apparitions, they seem to be of a different kind than those found in Scripture. This is true of biblical miracles as a whole, as well as the miracles in Jesus' public ministry. When did Jesus ever make the sun dance or crosses spin? All of His miracles were done in the context of ministry. Biblical miracles had a strong practical aspect. Many of the miracles associated with Marian apparitions seem dramatic and sensational; attention-getting if you will -- the kind of miracles that Jesus consistently refused to perform (Matt. 12:38-39). This is a good reason to at least suspect the source of these miracles.





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Unity Publishing has pictures allegedly proving that the messages from Mary are being made up by the priests and that the visions are hoaxes.  Ivan was snapped acting as if he was guarding the door while the priest and a visionary were inventing the message.  This is however is a pro-Catholic site.










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