If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone


Law of Attraction - science or hocus pocus?

FIRST: The Law of Attraction claims that there is an unavoidable law that we all have to deal with, that what you think about is what you attract. The more you think about it the more you attract what you think about.


We will lay out the philosophy of the Law of Attraction and then probe it.


Attraction is energy. This energy does not consist of parts. But it is real. It is a monad. It is not a material or physical entity. Nothing can exist unless it is attracted. The energy transformed into matter at the Big Bang. All things are made out of the power of attraction. Attraction is not an intelligence or a personal being. It is just a power. Any simple thing can become a complicated entity. And so it is with the law of attraction. The law of attraction made us.


We are of its power and its power is ours to enjoy. The Law of Attraction is not magic or occult or supernatural. Its natural.


The teaching of the Law of Attraction is vital for helping us to feel good and safe in the world. Even if the Law of Attraction is untrue and does us no good it won't do us any harm! Lovers feel its power. They see that there is a power in their love that draws blessings. Nobody senses the magic better than they do.


Like attracts like. This is more true than in the power of thoughts than anything else. If you inflict unhappy thoughts on yourself you will draw unhappy events and people into your life.


Psychologists believe that your thoughts control your experience. If you are in a wonderful situation, you will make it a misery for yourself by your negative thoughts and beliefs about it. You will destroy its potential to be a wonderful experience for you. This is based on the idea of the Law of Attraction.


We go further than the psychologists. We hold that the power of the Law of Attraction is psychic as well as psychological. The power of the Law of Attraction is the power of the mind. Each thought is a psychological and a psychic magnet. What we attract by them is up to us. It can be good for us. It can be not so good for us. We can bring money into our lives by the power of thought and the power of desire alone by using invisible forces.


Believers in the law of attraction use affirmations to make what they want to happen happen. These affirmations can be very beguiling eg: I believe that the visible and invisible power of the love we wonderful human beings create, heals all of us. I believe my unconditional love reaches out to the edges of the universe to heal, empower and bless.


Or: I believe in the power of love and that it is stronger than any imperfection. My heart is a temple of this power.


We want to have it all. We want fame. We want to be beautiful and sexy and celebrated. We want to make loads of money. You only live once in this system. After the next big bang, if you use the law of attraction properly, you will come back as a celebrity.


We believe that when we love the things of earth, we work an enchantment that will bring them to us in the next life. If you love money on earth immensely, perhaps that love will draw plenty of it to you in the next incarnation and you will be very very rich.


The law of attraction is very literal. If you jokingly zap for a fall on the ice, you zap for real harm to come to you. If you see life as about surviving, then you are failing to see that life is about living not surviving. You are magicing problems into your life. If you want magic blessings you may use the following affirmation to do it: "I have hardship now but there is infinite and indestructible wisdom in me that I trust. I know I will grasp what the lesson is about at the right time for me." This magic has never been known to fail. It does not let you down. If you fail to trust it then its blessings will be treated by you as curses and do you little or no good. If you treat and react to your blessings as curses then they will be withdrawn from you because they are hurting you. There are no vindictive powers in this philosophy. The answer about why you may endure trials in life will not be given to you by God. It will come from your inner consciousness.


The Law of Attraction states that you must believe that what you wish for will happen. Does this mean you may command the universe to give you things as if you were God? Or does it mean that you may simply expect these things? Or does it mean you may do both?


It means you may do both. You must command and expect that command to be carried out.


If you depend on a God to help you, you are denying your own power to be a magnet for whatever you want. Depend on yourself.


The more you believe in the power of your magical mind the more good you will be able to draw into your life.


Is this arrogance? No. It is the truth. And it is truth that maximises blessings.


The law of attraction says that it is as easy to ask for five million dollars as one dollar and get it!


We must believe that it is as easy to attract millions as it is one shekel. If you suspect that it is harder to attract millions or think it is a lot of money you put a block in the way of the millions falling into your lap.


If you need 5 dollars, do not be afraid to ask for 5 million dollars. If the spell brings you 5 cent then it is important that you are grateful. The spell is still as successful as possible. To be ungrateful is a spell itself. It programs the universe to prevent money coming to you for if you are not happy when you get money you are blocking its arrival on the psychic level. Think of the 5 cent as the first instalment of the 5 million dollars and be as happy with it as with the 5 million dollars! If you don't, there may be no 5 dollars million or otherwise!


If you are listed as a member of the Nazi party or some unwholesome or deceptive sect, even if you don't practise and even if you don't consider yourself a member, you know you are listed as a member and this attracts unwelcome things to you. If you are in the membership rolls of a religion that says you will go to Hell for enjoying your sexuality, then by enjoying your sexuality you are projecting that Hell must become real for you. The subconscious mind thinks literally.


The law of attraction will not work unless you try to use it to manifest what is in the best possible interests of the world around you. Why? Because if you can demand that all the wealth of the world come to you, so can somebody else! You are forgetting that others are you as well. We are the one life indwelling many bodies. When you ask for wealth beyond belief, you always get it. It may however be another you that receives it.


The law of attraction implies that we have absolute responsibility over our lives. That sounds scary! But it is liberating. If you are responsible for how you feel, you have the power to change whatever it is that makes you unhappy! You are your own God. To believe in a creator God denies this truth. He can force things on you that you don't want. You are only free to do what he gives you the power to do. But deny this and you are independent of him. Therefore you have nothing and no one to fear. No God is going to use you or your suffering for some purpose.


The Law of Attraction works all the time. You either attract whatever is good into your life. Or you attract its absence. To say there are Gods is to say it is most important to think of them. But the Law of Attraction says that it is more important to think of what you want so that you can't think of anything else and thus it comes true!


One must dispose of assumptions, attitudes and beliefs that conflict with the law of attraction. It will work best without those encumbrances. You may find that you have to "unlearn" such ideas that Jesus was the only Son of God and so on for these ideas imply that he was more special than you and that confidence in him is more important than confidence in anything else. Nobody can be God but yourself. Be your God. It is not helping yourself or others to expect somebody else to be your God.


Discard religions and beliefs and assumptions that deflate the might of the Law of Attraction. You don't want to have accidents and disasters. Wrong beliefs and assumptions lead you to attract the incorrect solution to the problems. If someone has a mote in their eye, and you have motes in your eye, you cannot see clearly to remove the mote. Same principle.


Some authorities say that spirituality and the use of affirmations is not about trying to make the universe bend to fit your desires. They are saying that we should change to suit the universe - religious people would replace the word universe here with God. There is less fear if you are in control. If the universe is in control and you have to submit to it that involves fear and insecurity. If you believe you are in control, you will believe that if you are a good person you will get results among which will be a sense of wellbeing. If there is a God, he can block these results. He can send you a supernatural dark night of the soul, a depression of the worst degree in which you despise your goodness. Affirmations are about changing yourself and your world to fit your desires.


You never submit to anything unless you admit defeat or a level of incompetence in caring for yourself. Any spirituality that orders you to change instead of asking you to order the universe to change is not a spirituality at all. It is a distortion.


We must not fear our power to act as rulers of the universe. Deep down we don't want to have the power to work instant miracles. That power would result in chaos. We want gradual change. We may rashly think we do want the power but deep down we don't. We want to be a part of the process. We give more of ourselves in a process and when we work with it than we do in a miracle. There is nothing to fear. Let us fearlessly tune into the powers that program the universe. Re-program the universe to get results, the results you want.  


The idea that we should passively just let a God do what he wants with us is wrong. You may claim that God wants us to take things in hand and do them instead of waiting for him to act. But even then we are being passive for he is ultimately in charge. We act active but we are not - as far as intention goes. Belief in God rejects your right to claim credit for what you do.


We don't know if the supreme being - if there is one! - will work for our ultimate good. We may believe it but believing is not knowing. Accordingly, it is natural for us to seek power and use it to better our lives. And we must do this on the material and spiritual plane. The advice of the authorities is really telling us to be submissive - self-esteem requires that you take action. Belief in God is an affirmation with the power to bring danger into our lives.


If the law of attraction is immoral for saying that it is what we think that matters not what we do for thoughts magic things into reality, thoughts manifest as real things, then God is immoral for it is Christian teaching that he thought the universe into existence.  He thought of a universe and turned the thought real.  This is manifest occult.  God is essentially the law of attraction. 


If a single woman wishes to attract a man into her life she must use the law of attraction and she must act as if she has the man already. She must have an extra toothbrush for him in the bathroom. If she uses a single bed, she must swap it for a double. As long as there is only a toothbrush for her in the bathroom and while there is only room for her in her bed she is contradicting the law of attraction. She visualises the man coming into her life and she undoes all the good this will do by contradicting it by her actions. It is a sad waste of energy to use your secret powers and then to turn the powers against themselves.


Are we saying that if you put up a smoke alarm you are attracting a fire and inviting it? No. Taking precautions is affirming that you are taking control and preventing danger therefore you will handle danger and be safe. Belief in God affirms that he is in control and that if he wills there should be a fire then there should be a fire. Recognise that you are your only God and that he is not real and blessings will be yours.


You have your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. This is the subliminal self. It influences your will in ways you would never guess. You will never fully know yourself or why you do what you do. Here is an example of the power of the subliminal self or subconscious mind. Suppose you forget a warning you heard about a person who can hurt you terribly. Though you forget it, when you meet that person you will get a bad feeling about them. That is your subconscious mind at work. You can feel a dislike for certain religious doctrines, this is your subconscious realising that the doctrines are dangerous and sending you a sense of being disturbed to protect yourself from such beliefs. We often call this voice intuition - often it is just our subconscious perception and thoughts and opinions about things.


The subconscious mind is strong and manipulative. When you get flashes of genius, that shows the subconscious has worked out things and shoved them into your conscious. Anything you think or discover, is thought and discovered subconsciously first. The subconscious is more important than your conscious. It may send you good feelings about a doctrine that will pollute you to deceive you. Then before you know it, the belief causes you to maliciously hurt someone or to "accidentally" run somebody over in your car or whatever!


It is vital that we release ourselves from doctrines that do harm and which sound lovely but which actually have sinister connotations. For example, the doctrine that you must obey God instead of being your own God implies that you should murder everybody on earth if God asks you to do it. He can kill so he can delegate his authority to do it. The doctrine has led millions to kill though they didn't realise it. The implications of a dangerous doctrine are more threatening than the doctrine itself. They are like pollution that you inject into your subconscious. The implications affect the subconscious and result in anger and hatred and work against the good affirmations you make.


To call any laws that bring self-esteem and blessings into your life wrong is to call the whole thing into question. All beliefs and discoveries then in relation to this very important subject are of equal importance though they might not look that way. The teaching that the mind is made of magic seems less important than the idea that we should joyfully serve others without directly doing it to be happy. But it is not less important. One false principle can cause so much damage and pollute the truth and prevent it from being understood properly. For example, if you think 1 and 1 are not 2 but 1.99 it seems to be a minor thing. But it will ruin all your maths. It calls the truth a lie.


Prayer never has results. God may give you what you ask for but this is not necessarily an answer to prayer. If you ask me for something, I may have been giving it to you anyway. So my giving it was not because of your request. God will do what is right whether we pray or not. Prayer is really an attempt to manipulate God. To pray is to try to influence God, and yet if God is perfect he cannot be influenced so it is contradictory. It is a bad affirmation.


Praying for something totally destroys any chance of success.


Whatever you ask for through the law of attraction, feel grateful. Feel as if you are enjoying the results already and are so thankful. Failure to be grateful is a magnet for misfortune. Why? Ingratitude is affirming that you weren't worth the blessings or that the blessings were unimpressive. It creates a block for further blessing. You may lose the blessings you have if you fail to be grateful.


To say there is a God is to say that this being who is greater than anything we can imagine and whose perfections are endless can't attach much importance to you or me. He is all powerful and I am nothing in comparison as are you. How much better it is to believe that we are part of a life-force in which all are equally special! The baby that is born and dies in a hovel is of importance beyond all our imagining. This we know to be true. I believe it of you and of me.

I cannot be as sure God exists as I am of my own existence and value. Faith in God is a negative affirmation.


Use the Law of Attraction and you will hold the stars of Heaven in your hand.


Through the law of attraction we have complete free will.


Objection: If a tyrant murders millions of innocent people what gives you the right to say his free will is more important than theirs? Is his freedom to kill more important than their freedom to live?


We have free will all the way. Then why are tyrants allowed to deliver millions unto a ignominious and agonising death? Why does the free will of the tyrants seem to be put before the free will of the victims?


The victims will get the choice to do such things one day or they have got that choice. We all live countless lives and we may have lived in countless universes before this present one. We possess the power to influence events by the powers of our minds and the misuse of such power causes much evil.


Our thoughts are forces and powers and energies. We wouldn’t be able to have them if they were not. When we think thoughts that wish harm we are in fact doing harm. We could, for example, be empowering many tyrants to carry out our evil intentions and hurt people. When you choose evil and think evil you are setting in motion forces that cannot be controlled for evil is necessarily chaotic and disordered. To do evil is to refuse the power to control, to be your own God. Evil is a Pandora’s Box. Even if supernatural forces work to stop tyrants killing millions our evil thoughts would still put such people in power and the powers do not and cannot interfere with free will.


The person who is paralysed from the neck down has as much free will as the muscle man.


If you wish to see millions slain you are actually causing such slaying. There is no power that can stop you thinking such thoughts. There is no difference between the person who hates people and the one who kills them. None of us can think herself or himself better than anybody else.


We must inform the world of the awesome power we possess.


Is it my fault that I have to endure suffering and pain? If I draw things into my life by thinking negative thoughts then surely I am to blame for all the bad things that happen? I could never think enough negative thoughts to do myself much harm. Most of the harm is done by other people and by many religions. Their worship sends forth a vortex of poison that spreads its darkness to the ends of the world. When I have a negative thought, the viruses of darkness, get in through this little wound and multiply inside my life.


Is free will worth it? Yes because without free will there is no love. Even in the greatest "evil" there is love. The love might be disfigured and mutilated and desecrated it may be, but it is still there. The tiny diamond amid the mud is no less precious. Everything no matter how "evil" we think it is, is worthwhile.

Free will is mine and I maintain it.


Destiny isn't fixed. We change the future by our affirmations. Some people say that nobody can steal your destiny. What they should say is that nobody can stop you drawing a wonderful future to yourself. Destiny has connotations of something that is going to happen to us that we can't stop. But the law of attraction can address that.


There is a lot we can do to make our lives better. No disaster is a complete disaster and that is thanks to the power of the law of attraction to restrain the powers of chance from creating total and final catastrophe.


Science and the Law of Attraction have a close relationship.
Science is the art of wondering and discovering. It questions accepted truths and puts them to the test. That is it's method. And it must be our method too. Science has brought us most of the blessings we have today. Science always seeks to prove itself wrong. It is always checking that it is right and revises errors.
Science gives us power. The power of the Law of Attraction is increased when we use and enjoy science to gain power and improve our lives.
Science gives us knowledge. Power is dangerous without knowledge. Knowledge increases self-esteem.
Science blesses us.
The more we look all around us with a scientific eye the better the Law of Attraction will work for us.
The differences between science and our philosophy are not genuine differences. Philosophy sees what science implies. It also tells us when faith is appropriate.
Science is open-minded and based on evidence. Many religions are not. Science and that kind of religion is in conflict.
The philosophy we have studied is not about dogma but about a method. Therefore it is about doing spiritual science. Each one has to test the method for herself and himself.


Our message - as encapsulated in this article - has marvellous healing power. Cancers will be cured, the blind will see and the lame walk. Lions will shed their ferocity and lie down with lambs. Knowing the truth about the power of the law of attraction alone is a tool that makes your mind draw protective energies into your life and your home. Through the law you become the guru and the way and the truth and the life. Thus it is now, and shall be forever, peace without end.
Evaluation: There are people who buy safes in the prospect of putting the money the law of attraction will bring them into them. And the safes remain empty. Those who think the law of attraction works get a more positive frame of mind and that can be helpful. But there is nothing occult in this. The law of attraction when taken in sense that thoughts become things as in thoughts of becoming a world ruler will become real accuses murder victims and rape victims of attracting or causing their fate. That is a revolting doctrine. The law of attraction appeals to people who want to think it is working for them but who show no regard for the insult heaped on others less fortunate.


Those who claim to believe in the law of attraction, say that a single momentary thought can attract disaster. If the law is true, one momentary thought can do this. One thought that you might have cancer attracts cancer. Thinking long-term that there is something wrong when there isn't can lead to depression. The more you think bad things and things that make you feel bad, the worse you will feel. If the law of attraction were true, it would not matter how much you think something bad. But it does and so the law of attraction is false.


Please perceive how evil and slanderous and judgmental it is to say that one thought can lead to great suffering and disaster.


Even if a person does not get cancer, the believer will say that they did draw it to themselves but then better thoughts cancelled out the attraction. That automatically accuses everybody on the planet of enabling and attracting and making cancer.


An innocent baby dies. Why did the baby die?


The doctrine of the law of attraction says the death of the baby was caused by harmful thoughts and forces and by the disorder we have brought through them into the spiritual world and the physical world. It says, all the "wrong" we do makes the world a worse place. To hurt another person without need or justification is saying, "I am a wrongdoer", and it is affirming that you affiliate yourself with your enemy, the harm and the forces that do harm. It calls harm on yourself. It is a negative affirmation. Negative energy being irrational in itself will not care who it attacks - even the doer.


This an appalling doctrine. Believers will reply that it is true that doing harm has bad consequences, mystical and mundane, but we may escape the consequences. But if so then other people may suffer them instead. That way they can avoid blaming the baby and blame those who have negative energy. But it follows that we should try to absorb the badness so that it torments and kills us instead of poor babies who never got a chance.


Science would need to scientifically prove the law of attraction before it could work with it. But it cannot be proved.


The Law of Attraction says that what you attract to you will come to you magically. What we need is more important than what we want. Teachers say we might use the Law of Attraction for what we want. If we forget what we need, and ask for what we want, we are telling the universe to give us gratification even if we will later regret it. This is a very important rule for them. If the Law of Attraction leads to disaster for practitioners the rule gives the teachers an excuse for saying the Law of Attraction is true. The problem is it leaves nobody really sure if it works or not. Making excuses for its failure could be masking its ineffectiveness.


Suppose the law is really true. If you use the law of attraction and harbour beliefs that contradict it though you feel unaware of the contradiction, on some level you will see the contradiction. The contradictions will annul and weaken the power of the law of attraction in your life. That is why it is so essential to sever links with faiths and religions and outlooks that deny the supernatural power of the mind and the divinity of every living thing. But again it gives people a way to cover up the law if the law is bullshit.


The Law of Attraction demands patience for the magic to bear fruit. "Do not wait around in a state of panicky impatience for your inner powers to deliver the blessings you have ordered. Trust that your powers know the best time and the best place to manifest the blessings. The trust itself is an affirmation that empowers your request. Impatience is a sign of fear and mistrust. It will dilute your powers." When you are patient, you will see the magic as bearing fruit or about to though it is not. Its a good trick to stop you seeing that what is helping is not the magic but your positive attitude. If you are stressed enough while waiting to get what you used the Law of Attraction, it may happen that if you get it you will decide it was not worth it and take no pleasure in it. You will not even the law did you any good. The law cannot be perceived to work unless you have a positive patient attitude. It is not the law that helps but the attitude.

Believers often say the Law of Gravity is a form of the Law of Attraction. But gravity existing does not mean you can magnetically attract a mansion to yourself.


"Gravity is a form of the law of attraction. It keeps the universe organised sufficiently. One day it will suck the whole universe in and there will be nothing but attraction as pure monadic energy. But there will be a Big Bang. We program today what that Big Bang will be like. If you want to be Britney Spears or Madonna or Jesus Christ in the next universe that can happen. Just make sure that you want to be better off than they are now!" When put like that the doctrine is very attractive but it is nonsense.


Is the law of attraction only valid for winning virtue?  If you believe that your efforts to become less avaricious and more generous will work that does help the process.  But that is only because it is you encouraging yourself and seeing some results that will keep getting better and better.  It is not the law of attraction.


No version of the law of attraction that is about becoming a better person as in more virtuous interests anybody.  That is significant.


The notion of the law of attraction as being a catalyst for becoming more caring and noble instead of rich and beautiful would make a good substitute for religion and God.  Pity it cannot be correct.