Why We Cannot Believe in Miracles and Why Belief is Harmful ....



























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Conclusive Arguments against the Authenticity of Miracles

Advertising and Religion's Miracle Cure claims

Are Miracles Impossible By Definition?

The Quest for Miracles is the Quest for Religious Propaganda and Leads to Support for the Propaganda

A Study of Miracles from A Level Philosophy of Religion

What is a Law of Nature in the light of Miracles?

Bible sometimes denies that Miracles are Signs from God

The Doctrine that Faith in Miracles and in Religion and God is a Miracle Itself

Is it true that God makes laws and creates exceptions to them such as miracles?

The Christian God hides and then does miracles to show us his presence - how logical!

Debunkers of Paranormal/Miracles Debunked?

Is the Miracle really just a Freak of Nature Mistaken for a Miracle?

God Doing Miracles is refuted by the fact that if we have free will he is still all in control

Miracles - People do not Believe in them but in their Interpretation of Them

It is Falsely Claimed that Belief in the Miracles or in the Supernatural Supplements Logic and Reason

What if a Person says Their Faith in Miracles is True For Them

When believers should be more sceptical about miracles than unbelievers!

To Verify a Miracle You would Need a Miracle

Miracles are Opposed to Science for Miracles Cannot be Repeated

Miracles by C S Lewis - refuting this book 

Belief in Miracles Wrecks our Trust in Nature

You Cannot Believe a Miracle Happened - You Can Only Assume it

Miracles & the Possibility of Alien Intervention

Out of Body Experiences and Miracles

Maybe a Miracle is Just a Coincidence?

Miracles & Contradictions Cannot Be Distinguished

The real miracle is surely interior and inside you?

Miracles and the Fact that if There is a God He will Interfere with Nature as Little as Possible

Miracles: How Belief in them Puts the Supernatural Beyond all Falsification

Miracles and How Witnesses Should Assume Hallucination

Miracles are Impossible to Verify as they are Obscured in History

Miracles Conflict with Religious Mystery - that God Reveals Truth that Makes Little or No Sense to Us

Miracles Contradict the Fact that if there is a God then it is the God of Pantheism

Miracles & Faith Labels

Miracles & Trusting God

Miracles as Secrets

Miracles are Silly

Miracles contradict the fact that its not God's business what we believe

Is the significance of a miracle more important than the fact of a miracle?

Jesus' Best Miracle and How it Makes Us Question His Resurrection

Is it Rational to take the Leap of Faith in Relation to Miracle Claims and Religion?

Is It the Miracle or It's Message That is the Centerpoint?

Miracles - are they above nature but not against it?

Miracles - The Definitions of Miracles are all Daft Therefore Miracle Claims are Meaningless Gibberish

Miracles Disprove God!

Miracles seen as evidence against God (Overall 1985)

Protestants Dishonestly Refuse to Even Examine Catholic Miracles and They Simply Dismiss Them

Faith in Miracles is Faith in the Men Who Authenticated Them and Not in God

Miracle Healings and the Rules of the Pope for Verifying Them

Miracles Do Not Happen

Miracles Don't Help Faith

People do not believe in miracles but in other people who say they happen!

Miracles - Equally Signs?

Miracle Explosion - when religion thinks there will one day be nothing but miracles!!

Miracles - the Case Against Defining them as Exceptions to Nature?

Miracles - The Case Against Them Considering OCR Philosophy of Religion for AS and A2

Miracles - Not Signs From God

Miracles Options

Miracles - It is best to Presume Fraud/Error when a miracle report is made

Miracles-Probability & Evidence

Miracles Should Put One off God

Miracles Refute Catholicism

Miracles are married to the vicious circle - circular reasoning

Miracles - Parapsychology Refutes

Miracles are the same as Magic - there is no real way to distinguish them

Belief in miracles is not belief but merely opinion

Miracles - is the Default Position assuming that they don't happen or that they do?

Miracles Uncaused?

Why Miracles Would Necessarily Be Uncommon

Miracles are Useless for they are and should be Unnecessary

Miracles Violate Nature?

Philosopher examines argument that miracles violate nature and thus cannot happen

To violate one law of nature is to violate them all - how miracle beliefs threaten reality

Miracles Make No Sense at All When We Haven't Got Free Will or Cannot Know We Have it

Miracles - Should we Dismiss them if We Catch Witnesses out in Lies?

Miracle Witnesses - General Agreement

Why is it only uneducated people who testify to miracles?

Coherence Theory of Truth & How it Relates to Miracles

Naturalism - The Denial That There is Sufficient Reason to Believe in the Supernatural

Natural Law - Is it a MIRACLE itself!

Miracles and the Philosophy of Father Brian Davies

Miracles in the Light of Science - the need to assume there is no magic

The Case for Saying Miracles Not Can Happen, but Did Happen

Never Sure - Miracle Witness

Can Have Evidence that Non-Miracles should be taken for Miracles

Miracles Finding the Common Ground between the Believer and the Sceptic

Miracles - Why we should not tell if we experience them

Miracles - how the Catholic Church exercises a double-standard

Miracle - Little Refutes

Miracles and the Religious Context

Miracle, Everything a Miracle?

If a Miracle Must Have Happened, the Problem is What the Miracle Actually Was

If God Cures Miraculously, then why am I not Healed?

Why Do People Want to Believe In Miracles?

My Own Existence is All I Can Really Prove and How that Impacts on Miracles

Miracles never verify the Doctrine of God as master of Creation

Miracles Believers are Begging the Question

Miracle Belief is not Needed and not Important

Miracles it is up to the believers to verify them

God Corrects Himself when he does Miracles?

God of the Gaps

If Miracles Happen and are Signs Then All Should See Them

If you can't doubt miracles then what can you doubt?

Refuting a Standard and Expert Defence of Miracles

Religion Randomly Selects What Miracles It Wishes to Believe In

Religious faith and the absurd miracles

Roman Catholic Church Performs Miracle Tricks

Miracles Accuse God of Being a Show-Off

Slippery Slope arguments against miracles

Leave Miracles Alone if you cannot explain them - what is wrong with that argument?

One has to Make Excuses in Order to Believe in Miracles

Is it Correct to Argue that Miracles are Possible So We Can Believe in Them?

Psychology - How This Science Leads to Scepticism about Miracles

The Strange Duty to Believe in Miracles

Obscure Miracles have Lessons for Us


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Belief in Miracles is not a Legitimate Means of Comfort?

Belief in Miracles Leads to Sceptics being Slandered

Belief in Miracles Only Leads to People Believing In Sins They Don't Need to and thereby becoming bigoted

Bogus Authentication of Miracles undertaken by the Roman Catholics

Baloney Watch - being prepared not to be fooled by today's nonsense!

Belief in Miracles is Superstition

Dangers of belief in the Supernatural

Spotting When an Alleged Miracle May be Trickery

How Religion Uses Faith and Love to Compel you to be Biased in Favour of Its Miracle Tales

Miracles & Satan - he can do miracles that seem to be from God

Miracles in the light of the doctrine, "Evil is not a power but a mere falling short of good."

Miracles accuse us of sin - crime against God's law - defying the rule of innocent until proven guilty

Miracles and Self-Centredness and Egoism

Miracles Open a Pandora's Box for Gullibility and Being Fooled by Spiritual Frauds

Miracles - love sinner, hate sin

Miracles and Apparitions That Tell Lies

Miracles may be Evil but are They Necessary Evils?

Miracles and Intellectual Dishonesty: Religion only permits belief in miracles that suit its agenda and its theology

It is Not True that Faith in Miracles is Good for it Gives People Hope

Proven Miracles? The Notorious Miracles of Saint Medard

Miracle Belief Draws Fraudsters

Bad and Dangerous to See Miracles Everywhere

Miracles Ruin Trust in Others

Miracles make Bigots and attract Bigots

Miracles Blaspheme the Right of God to Judge

Miracles indicate a weak faith and unwillingness to live a good life without magic evidence that one should

Miracles that Endorse Suffering

Miracles Draw People to Anti-Secularism

Belief in Miracles Draws People to Attack Human Dignity

Complete case for showing miracle belief is unwise 

Making Money Out of Miracle Claims

Miracle Beliefs do Harm

Good Fruits - is a miracle from God if the results are good?

Revelation Demotivates the Person From Seeking Truth

If Miracles Were From God They Would Not Lack a Clear Moral Purpose

Speak Out Firmly and Kindly that the Truth About Miracles May be Known and Free People



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Bigger the Commitment a Miracle Faith asks for, Bigger the Evidence you Need

Can only miracles verify miracles?

Even Small Miracles Need Amazing Evidence

Exceptional Evidence is Needed for the Christian Miracles - how the Christians Fail to Provide it

Mammoth Proof for Miracles Please - it is what is Needed!

Miracle - Evidence Illusion

Miracles and Why the Testimony of Logic has more weight than the Testimony of Evidence

Miracles are So Big that Testimony is Futile if You want to Verify Them

Miracles - is it hard evidence we need or is testimony enough?

Need to See Miracles Yourself If You Want to Believe!

One faiths miracle-signs oppose the miracle-signs of another faith

Only Skeptical Witnesses Should Be Listened to if a Miracle Claim is Made

Reluctance to believe is necessary and a lot of evidence needed to overcome it

Scepticism is a good habit and a virtue

Testing a Witness to an Alleged Miracle

The Bigger the Miracle then the Bigger the Evidence You need to Defend the Reality of the Miracle

The Skeptic's Tools

Virtue of Prudence requires we seek good evidence before believing in miracles

You Need Exceptionally Good Evidence if You Want to Believe in Miracles


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Everlasting Check: Hume on Miracles, Book Review

Hume on Cause and Effect

Hume's case that miracles require too big of an induction

David Hume victim of Christian lies and distortion

David Hume falsely accused of confusing frequency with evidence

Miracles are inherently improbable

Hume refutes the credibility of the Bible miracle reports

A summary of the alleged problems with Hume's case against belief in miracles

Professor John Lennox lies about Hume to promote Christianity


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Affirmations - the New Age Substitute for Prayer


COPOUT ALERT : "Do not ask in specific detail when praying or doing magic"

Church Tells Lies about Prayer

God is pro-counterfeit love of others and against real love

Law of Averages - how its at root of scepticism about religion

Letter refuting the decency of Prayer

Occult Argument Against Church Going

Perils of Prayer

Pray only for important things?

Prayer - all about God and that is Off-putting for we Have Humanitarian Instincts

Prayer is taught by Religion as a Duty and to Invent Duties is a Form of Bullying

Prayer & How It is an Attempt to Condone the Evil of Earthquakes

Prayer Advocates Danger of Thinking God Communicates with You

Prayer and False Comfort

Prayer and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Prayer and the Nocebo (Placebo Effect in Reverse)

Prayer is Hypocrisy if We are Really All Sinners

Prayer Blames Victims When No Results Are Apparent

Prayer - Enemy of Science

Prayer - Feeling Good About Doing Nothing

Prayer - Harmful Affirmation

Prayer - Induces Fear

Prayer is Bad/Black Magic or Occult

Prayer is Degrading Submission to God

Prayer is Insulting

Prayer is Pro-Addiction to God and Religion

Prayer is Psychological Manipulation

Prayer in Christianity is Needed to avoid Hell Which Should Deprive it of Joy and a Sense of Freedom

Prayer is Never Really or Provably Answered

Praying for Others is Selfish

Prayer - not about helping people

Prayer of Petition and How it is Wasting Time and Insulting God

Prayer Tempts God to Do Evil

Prayer versus Trust in God

Prayer versus Trust in Yourself

Prayer when it seems to result in worse things happening to one you pray for

Praying for conversion of sinners

Praying for Enemies

Praying for the Wellbeing of Monsters

Praying is Useless when You are Doubting

Praying to Force God to Act

Problem with Telling People You're Praying for Them

Psychology of Prayer

Quietism - Mystical Prayer

The Law of Attraction

Worship of the God of Miracles is Proxy Worship of His Inventors


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Vatican Rules About Visions

Ecstasy during visions of Heavenly Beings

Children can see visions quite easily anyway!

Mary - did she miraculously appear at Garabandal, Spain?

Skeptoid on Guadalupe Marian Apparition Hoax

Guadalupe – Hoax Apparition

San Damiano - Mama Rosa sees Mary

Virgin of the Poor appears at Banneux

Mary appears at Beauraing in Belgium

Mass apparitions of Mary at Zeitoun, Egypt

Tre Fontane - the Alleged Visions from Heaven

Angels of Mons

Apparitions of Mary - why does Mary never look the same or sound the same in her apparitions

Our Lady of Loreto - the lie about the house flying to Italy from Nazareth

Our Lady - Wisconsin Apparition Questions

Christina Gallagher - the Catholic "visionary" of Achill Mayo

Why the Revelations of St Bridget of Sweden are Suspect

La Salette Apparition of Mary

La Salette Vision - was a woman mistaken for Mary in a case of Mistaken Identity?

La Salette Secrets - visionaries made up the secrets

St Catherine Laboure and Her Visions of Mary and the Miraculous Medal

Anne Catherine Emmerich - religious fanatic

Life-Offering Revelation - Another bogus Catholic devotion

Lorna Byrne - away with the angels

The Spurious Apparition of the Rosa Mystica

Pontmain - Mary appears in the Sky!

The Revelations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Siluva Apparition

Pilgrimages are money-spinners

Poem of the Man-God - Valtorta

Questionable Revelations at the Pellevoisin Apparitions

Marian Movement of Priests

Virgin Birth of Jesus refuted

Virgin Born or Son of Pantera? - the parentage of Jesus

Betania - site of mass illusion and fake visionaries?


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Russia Consecration - Demanded by the Alleged Apparitions to Lucia of Fatima

Santo Miracle and its Link to the Fatima Apparitions

Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima Apparition was allegedly predicted in a Séance

Fatima Apparitions of Mary - the lies and the Fraud

Fatima Commission of Investigation was rubbish

Fatima Heresies - How it is not true that the revelations of the Fatima Virgin really support Catholicism

Famous Fatima Sun Miracle Refuted

Solar Miracle exposed by photography as a non-miracle

Solar Miracle - an expert speaks

Apparitions of angels at Fatima?

Fraudulent Lucia of Fatima - a dubious visionary of Heaven


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Book - Bernadette of Lourdes

Lourdes Apparition in 1858 - the case for it being a Delusion

Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje: Visions or Frauds

Lourdes and Its Not-So-Believable Healing Miracles

Two Lourdes Miracles - or rather imagined miracles!

Proof that Lourdes was not investigated honestly

Lourdes apparition was not really of the Virgin Mary

Peer Journal shows no evidence that anything unnatural was involved in Lourdes Miracles

Vittorio Micheli - was his bone miraculously regenerated because of Lourdes?


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Telegraph 1880 Sheds Light on the Dubious Apparition of Knock

Knock Apparition - how high was it on the gable?

Knock - were the Witnesses Colluding to concoct a miracle tale??

Knock Fraud - Was the Parish Priest Involved?

Knock - Sceptic Priest Herbert Thurston

Knock - is it true that the vision was seen before it got dark as well as after?

Knock: Patrick Beirne gives the evidence that the vision was not amazing

Knock - Questions that entice us to suspect fraud

Knock – Spurious Apparition of Mary and two saints

Knock the Hoax?

Knock - was the apparition a painting?

Knock - Meaning of the Apparition

Knock - who was the bishop that appeared?

Knock - Miracle Hoax about the Dry Gable

Knock Apparition - Statues Put at Gable by Hoaxer?

Knock Apparition - a trick of the light?

Knock Apparition - from The Story of Ireland 1900

Knock Witnesses - Their Depositions under the Spotlight

Knock Vision - evidence that a hoaxer used a projector/magic lantern

Knock witnesses copied the vision story from other sources

Knock - Patrick Walsh did not see the magic light from a distance

Knock - The Bad Fruits

Knock's Dubious Cures

Knock in the Light of David Hume's scepticism of miracles

Knock - recent apparition claims

Knock - where the witnesses stood shows apparition claims spurious

Vague apparitions like Knock always get their quality exaggerated


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Disturbing report on earliest Medjugorje "apparitions"

PDF book refuting Medjugorje claims

PDF book shows Medjugorje is debunked by science

Mary's Apparitions At Medjugorje are Unconvincing

Medjugorje in the Light of Science

Medjugorje Claims refuted by Professor Hector Avalos

Medjugorje Pictures that Invite Suspicion

The Vision of Medjugorje Urged Sinful Disobedience to the Bishop

Bishop Zanic knew the vision claims were suspicious or false

Silly Messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Proof that Belief in the Mary Apparitions of Medjugorje Does Harm

A Catholic Refutes Medjugorje

Fr Rene Laurentin lying Medjugorje Supporter

Father O Carroll lies for Medjugorje

Book: The Medjugorje Deception by E Michael Jones

Medjugorje apparition is a heretic

Vicka caught faking visions

Ivan - the false prophet of Medjugorje

Medjugorje Vision and abortion

Good fruits of Medjugorje?

Eye-openers from the book on the first days of the Medjugorje "visions"

Vassula - a fake on the Medjugorje bandwagon

Exorcising Medjugorje - by Christian Order Magazine


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Bible Code - Drosnin's Hoax

Astrology is anti-scientific and harmful

Catholic Prophecy - Visionaries and Mystics were deluded about power to see the future


Prophecy - The Power to Predict and Foresee the Future

Cornwell's revelations on Medjugorje

Divine Mercy Devotion and St Faustina

Marian Apparitions Fake

Maria Valtorta & Medjugorje

Prophecies of Malachy and Columbkille

Visions of the Lives of Jesus and Mary


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Amputees never miraculously regrow limbs

Healers are not truly your friends!

Miraculous Bleach - drink it to flush out cancer!

Peer Journal shows no evidence that anything unnatural was involved in Lourdes Miracles

Placebo Effect

Placebo - Religion makes you feel better about being bad


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Did Jesus use Hypnosis to Deceive?

Jesus' Non-Miracles

A Sceptic (McGrath) Successfully refutes Jesus' miracles

Jesus' Tricks and his pretending to do miracles

Was Jesus debunked as a charlatan?

Why Dubious Medjugorje Visions are more Credible than the Risen Jesus Visions

Jesus – Miracles & His Alleged Sinlessness

Jesus is an overatted/bad role model

Jesus' Miracles Lack Credibility

John the Baptist - witness against the miracles of Jesus

New Testament v Jesus Miracles

Proving some of Jesus' miracles is not enough - they all need proof!

Resurrection of Jesus is Nonsense

WWJD - What would Jesus do?  Not much!


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Stigmata, the Fake Wounds of Jesus, Why Stigmata is not From God

Stigmata Replicated through Suggestion by Dr Lechler?

Louise Lateau's Stigmata

Dubious Stigmatists

Gemma Galgani - fraudulent stigmatist?


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Padre Pio - The Case for His Being Deluded and a Fraud

Padre Pio - The Stigmata Investigated in Depth

Padre Pio pretends to want to hide his hand wounds

Padre Pio's secretive use of carbolic acid

Padre Pio - the photographs that cast suspicion on the holy wounds

Padre Pio was accused of sexual abuse

Padre Pio's Canonisation

The Media Exposure of the Pio Fraud

Vatican Files on Padre Pio


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Apologist for Christianity being true proves Turin Shroud fake

Summary of Why the Turin Shroud is Faked

Booklet - The Burial Cloths of Christ

Bible Refutes Shroud of Turin

Was the Current Shroud Switched for an Older One?

Shroud - two faces on it!

Salvator Mundi - basis of the Shroud Image?

Blood on the Shroud - is it really Blood?

Hungarian Codex - Disproof of the Carbon Dating?

Hairstyle of the Shroud Man shows he is not Jesus

Making a Turin Shroud

Model Stood on Shroud to Fake the Blood Stains

Turin Shroud - A Photo?

Secrets of the Dead - Review

Shroud and its 3 Dimensional Properties Hoax

Shroud made by super-science??

Shroud man should have decomposed a bit at least!

Shroud man not Jesus unless Jesus was decapitated!

Shroud man's physique shows he cannot be Jesus!

Shroud of Turin debunks the Jesus resurrection for us

Sudarium does not Authenticate Shroud

The Bishops who Exposed Turin Shroud as Fake

The True Age of the Turin Shroud

There was no Turin Shroud in the first millenium!

Turin Shroud cannot hold the image of Jesus

Turin Shroud is a Hoax

Turin Shroud - the Errors that Prove its not a Miracle from God

Turin Shroud - a Lesson about Coincidences

Shroud could be a painting?


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Alexandrina da Costa - Religious Superstition at its worst

Bodies of the Undecayed Saints - Catholicism's Dishonesty

Bodies of the "Undecayed Saints" Images tell the real story

Bernadette of Lourdes' Corpse was not miraculously preserved

Catholicism and how it makes Bad People out to be Saints

St Elizabeth of Hungary - Her Message that Wilful Self-Torment is Holy

St Seraphim

Mother Teresa of Calcutta - She Pretended to be a True Humanitarian and Holy Woman

Mother Teresa of Calcutta did not miraculously cure Monica Besra from beyond the grave


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Wicca - True Origins

Magic Cannot Work

Magic - is it true that it facilitates morality?

Magic is love and love is magic - a short-sighted doctrine

Magic - Why Believe?

Religion that lies hides its occult nature

Mind over Matter - a proof?

Quantum Physics Do Not Indicate that Magic/Free Will/Creation is Possible and Usable


Debunkers of Paranormal/Miracles Debunked?

Telepathy refutes Confidence in the Reality of a Miracle

Memories of a Past Life Cannot Show You Really Lived Before

Satanism is Nonsense


Aleister Crowley

Photos that Challenge Paranormal Claims

Leonora Piper - Reputedly the One True Spirit Medium?

Spells - how to do them!


Levitation - the Miracle of Floating in Mid-Air

Visualisation - A form of magic


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Antoine Gay - A Demonic Possession in focus

Did the Devil do the Jesus Miracles?

Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession - the Catholic doctrine in the Book of Tobit

Exorcism Should be Illegal

Exorcism - the Most Outrageous Miracle Claim of them All

Exorcists - The Rite by Baglio

Jesus the Satanist?

Legion and the Demons Promote Jesus as God's son

Lucifer in Isaiah - was Jesus Lucifer?

Rosa is "exorcised" by Father Amorth


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Absolution of Sins by Catholic Priests - an Outlandish Miracle

Animal Magnetism - Science or Superstition?

Criticism of Religion or of Religious Doctrines

Januarius Blood - it miraculously liquefies after centuries

Lanciano Eucharist Miracle - did a wafer really turn into Jesus' heart muscle?

Spirituality & Religion

Subconscious magical behaviour is universal

Miraculous Images and Pictures

Transubstantiation - the Miracle of Bread and Wine Turning Into the Body and Blood of Jesus

Catholics - Providers of Hoax Miracles

Superstition - What is it and why is it so bad?

Pentecostals and Charismatics

Pentecostalism is deranged

Relationship between Jesus' rise from the dead and necromancy?

Religion is merely an offshoot of magical thinking

Charismatics and Pentecostals are in opposition to the Bible


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Mormonism is a hoax

Mormonism - an untrue religion

Book of Abraham - a Fraud that the Mormon Church rationalises away

Book of Mormon - debunked by Professor Anthon

Book of Mormon is Plagerised

Golden Plates never Existed?

Evidence that God revealed the Mormon Faith?

Book of Mormon Translation Accounts

Community of Christ - formerly RLDS

The spurious witnesses of the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Language & Transmission is suspect

The Book of Mormon is not God's Work

Talmage's Book, A Marvellous Work and a Wonder

Book of Mormon is fake abridgement

Mormon God is too Fallible to be Wholly Trusted

Howe versus Joseph Smith

Mormonism is not restoration of early Church

Is the Book of Mormon translated right?

Answer to Mormon Evidences for the Truth of the Mormon Faith

Archaeology v. Book Mormon

The Book of Mormon versus history

Joseph Smith - False Prophet  of God

False Prophecy - how the Book of Mormon fraudulently guesses the Future

First Vision - Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith says he saw God and Jesus

Questions that a Mormon Bishop Cannot Answer


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How Religion is bad for Mental Health

Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong

Medjugorje Hoax 

Download Refutation of Mormonism




Paranormal Refuted

Faith Healing

James Randi Tape refutes the paranormal/supernatural

Skeptical Inquirer Magazine



Fatima for Skeptics



Joseph Smith lied about being able to translate Egyptian

Newspaper Clipping Exposes Mormon Scripture Hoax

Mormonism against Itself

Changing World of Mormonism by the Tanners

Competing Claims refute Christ

Against Supernatural Beliefs and why we must be secular

Fake Apparitions Today

Roman Catholicism Refuted

Skeptoid on Fatima

Joe Nickell - books

Joe Nickell and Fatima

Joe Nickell - Shroud

Joe Nickell and Padre Pio

Shroud of Turin without the Hype

Dictionary for Skeptics

Bad news about Miracles

Christian theologian refutes Christian "miracles"

In Defence of Religion

False Apparitions

You do not have a Guardian Angel!



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