If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone




The Roman Church says miracles, especially in the form of the miraculous holiness of the saints, are evidence for the existence of God, the love of God and its being the true religion. For example, God sends the mother of Jesus to appear to people to tell them that the Catholic Church is God’s true Church.


The Church advocated the murder of so-called witches and heretics and sanctioned the mental illness, self-inflicted violence and anorexia suffered by many saints notably St Margaret Mary Alaqoue. The saints are the Church's chief argument that it is God's organisation and family. You would expect the holiest masterpieces of God to be members of his one true religion. Most of the saints and miracles that were used to convince Catholics that the Church was true appeared when the Church dared to be more vicious than it does now.


St Maria Maddalena De’ Pazzi who was born in 1566 in Florence tortured herself from childhood and died when she was thirty-three. She slept on the floor and rolled in nettles and thorns. She had healing powers and could float in mid-air. She was stigmatised at 19. Her penances have been described as unbelievable. Seemingly as a grim trophy for breaking the world record for self-abuse, her intact body reposes in a glass case in the Carmelite Church of Florence. There is no scientific explanation for why she has not decayed simply because science has not got the chance to examine her right. It would be an evil miracle for that lady fasted continuously and miraculously for years on bread and water and claimed she ate nothing else which is a dangerous example for anorexics. She used to be found with food presses open but her excuse was that demons did it to tempt her to break her holy fast (page 37, From Fasting Saints to Anorexic Girls).  Some miracle. Her stigmata must have been dubious as well when her miracle fast was a hoax.


Saint Don Bosco said, “There will be chaos in the Church. Tranquillity will not return until the Pope succeeds in anchoring the boat of Peter between the Twin Pillars of Eucharist Devotion and devotion to Our Lady. This will come about one year before the end of the century.” (The Thunder of Justice. Flynn Ted and Mary, MaxKol Communications, Inc. Sterling (VA), 1993, p. A213). This prophecy by the Catholic saint Don Bosco did not come to pass when he said it would. Hence, he is a false prophet, yet he is still a Roman Catholic saint. The Church makes the excuse that the prophecy is conditional. But a date was given. God may know what will happen if people do x or don't do x but he cannot know the time or year. God can only make clever guesses about what will happen in a future that will not take place. But these guesses are not prophecies!
A young man fell from a window of a high building and should have been killed or very seriously injured but just had grazes. This became the miracle accepted by the Church for the canonisation of Juan Diego the fictitious seer of the blessed virgin of Guadulupe. The pope canonised the seer on account of this miracle for the lad’s mother had invoked Juan the moment the lad had fallen out. Had there been a real miracle there would have been no grazes. Are we to believe that God can’t do miracles properly? The event is inexplicable but everything inexplicable doesn’t have to be a miracle or supernatural. The mother was probably lying that she said she invoked Juan. When things like that happen you will automatically invoke God, Jesus or Mary and not some obscure person who isn’t a saint. You will invoke the highest authority that comes to mind in that moment of terror. And wouldn’t it be dangerous to invoke somebody who might not be a saint in such a circumstance? Better to invoke somebody who is a saint and who certainly can do a miracle. If this is a miracle then God doesn’t mind people being reckless! 


Father Maximilan Kolbe who was made a saint by John Paul II was believed to be an antisemitist before the Second World War. The Church ignored the fact that St Edith Stein who was canonised because she was a martyr for the faith at Nazi hands didn’t die for the faith at all but for her Jewish origin.
The Pope in Winter, says that John Paul II canonised St Josemaria Escriva on the basis of a report that was tailored to make this man who was harsh, vain, ill-tempered, and even a critic of popes, look like the perfect papal puppy (page 107). This saint founded the sinister Opus Dei.


John Paul himself will be a saint someday but we read of his corruption on page 37 of THE POWER AND THE GLORY, Inside the Dark Heart of John Paul II's Vatican, David Yallop, Constable, London, 2007.


St Augustine of Hippo advocated converting heretics and Donatists by coercion. He denied that God would be so evil as to predestine people to eternal damnation and yet he inconsistently claimed that God predestines some not all to everlasting life which amounts to saying the same thing. This dollop of hypocrisy and hatred and blasphemy was at the root of his theology and his spiritual life which shows that if he is a saint Karl Marx has more right to be one. Augustine believed that the doctrine he believed as a Manichaean that evil was a real thing which proved there had to be a bad God and a good one was wrong for evil was just the absence of good and not a power. The man was saying then that God was not doing wrong by making poisonous snakes for evil is just a falling short of good! He was a major promoter of the lie that you love the sin and hate the sin as if to say that an act is hateful is not the same thing as to say the person that freely creates the act is not though it clearly is. The person would be hateful in so far as they are sinful. All the saints, miracles and apparitions of the Catholic support his lie for it is a bedrock of the Church and to support the Church is to support it.


St Alphonsus De Ligouri, a bishop who founded the Redemptorists, was notorious for wresting the Bible out of context to fool his naïve flock. For example, he said once that King David stated in Psalm 20:10 that the bodies of the damned will be like furnaces of fire (page 91, Sermons of St Alphonsus Liguori) though there is no evidence that the Psalm had Hell in mind at all. Countless examples could be given. He also interpreted Ecclesiastes 7:19 as saying the vengeance on the wicked will be worms and fire as referring to Hell (page 90) which is out of context for never does the Old Testament mention the everlasting burning Hell of the Christians. The man who twists the word of God would twist anything.


St Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897) was a Carmelite nun who was canonised in 1925. She is nicknamed The Little Flower. Her book, Story of a Soul, is the reason for the fame she has and she has been proclaimed patroness of missionaries even though she never worked as a missionary. She boasted contradicting the Bible which says that everybody sins that she never committed even a venial sin since she was three. She was no saint.


St Joseph Calasanz who was made the patron saint of all the Catholic schools in the world by Pope Pius XII and praised by John Paul II covered up clerical child-abuse in the teaching order of priests he founded. The saint was canonised by Pope Clement XIII in 1767.

The pope recognises a person as a saint during canonisation.


Point 1: Roman Catholicism teaches that canonisations, declarations that somebody is in Heaven, are infallible. This is because the person is set as a role model for the whole Church. The beliefs of the person are examined to see if they fit Church doctrine. This is necessary for canonisation. And their life is looked at to see evidence of heroic virtue - as the Catholic Church understands virtue. A person who is canonised is called a saint.


Point 2: The person who is to be canonised must do some miracles after death to show he or she is a saint. If we find that people who cannot be saints have done miracles that would show that miracles are not reliable as propaganda.


The saints we have looked at show that canonisations cannot be taken seriously.


The Catholics believe the saints help them with their prayers. But they claim to believe that it is really God who helps and not the saints. So why pray to the saints then? Why pray, "Mary be thou my salvation!" instead of praying, "God hear the prayers of Mary for me to save me." The reason is because you are satisfying your desire for a new deity - Mary! The saints prayed to saints. So they were really idolaters. They are not role models.


CONCLUSION: The Catholic Church's honouring of the saints is a hoax.