If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone



Actions speak of what you believe more than your words. It is easy to think you believe you have healing powers when you know fine well you don't. If healers really believe in their abilities then why do they not take more risks with their claims? They never have the confidence to say to somebody, "Don't go for the operation. I have taken away the cancer." A tiny minority do but only because they have the support of their sect and devotees. They feel supported by the religious dogmatism and can count on people to cover up. They know that many of the followers will refuse to think about the evidence that it is a fraud. You see that all the time. People who claim to have absolute faith in God or a healer do not act as if they do. In fact they act in such a way as to avoid anything that will disprove their faith. Thus they protect the lies they tell themselves - and others.

People who think healers or God has supernaturally healed them are examples of people who:

#Suffered a misdiagnosis.

The problem here is that they feel they have proof that healing works. This could be a dangerous belief - they will have too much future confidence in healers. And the condition they have for real is at risk of being ignored when the person claims to be cured.

#Experienced a spontaneous remission.

It is better to believe that your illness was just going to go away anyway than to believe that a healer took it away. If you believe that it can go away by itself, that gives you better confidence than thinking a healer may help for healers do not claim to cure everybody. Also, if you think your illness may just go away you can encourage it to by living a more healthy lifestyle. With healers, it is meant to work at least for some people even if they eat junk all day every day.

#Whose prior treatment started to work.

It would mean you think you are healed by some supernatural power and not so much the medication. You need to believe strongly in treatments both to feel better and to avail of them. Attributing your improvement to magic and not the reality is dangerous. Surely when you are taking tablets every day and you believe in them, it is better than an occasional visit to a healer? With faith in the tablets, you are triggering and renewing the placebo effect every day. The best placebos care a lot about what the evidence says and if you know how the tablets help it will only be for the better.

#Were going to get better anyway.

You know that you could have got better anyway so why do you say it was a healing that cured you? You are reasoning that as you don't know what made you better that it was the healing. That makes no sense. Are you saying you are healed magically because you want to feel you are special and to get others to think it too? Are you afraid to say it was not the magic in case you get bad luck? There is no good reason to imagine that somebody cured you when you know you could have been going to recover anyway. You are trying to feel good about knowing things you cannot really know. That is not good in the long run. It is lying to yourself and drawing others in to support and reinforce your lies.

#Whose illness was wholly or largely only in their heads

You need to know that the illness was not real so that you can empower yourself against creating a "new" illness. Thinking it was a miracle healing you deprives you of this opportunity. You will still have the problems that led you to create the illness in the first place.

#Were cured not by the supernatural but by the placebo effect

You need to know that your positive thinking and positive feeling helped make you feel better so that you can empower yourself with them and avail fully of their placebo enhancing powers. Thinking it was a miracle healing you deprives you of this opportunity.

You need to know how powerful the placebo effect can be so that you can stop any disaster happening through your faith in it.

Dangers are:

Placebos are based on lies and lies can be exposed.

Lead to more lies.

The placebo needs people to deceive you and to sustain the deception and you have no right to pressure anybody to do that.

Being treated as stupid.

The placebo can be given as a result of a misdiagnosis. You could die if you get a placebo for pain when the cancer has been missed. You might have the placebo for a symptom and neglect the underlying disease.

Depending on a good placebo risks making you susceptible to bad ones.

A healer using the placebo effect is a charlatan and a quack.

A placebo can make you feel cured when you are not. This may lead to you refusing or neglecting the medical treatment you need. Those who experience miracles of healing feel that they are cured and it is a sin to take medicine for their ailment. Indeed, to do so would imply they are not cured or that they do not trust God.


Healers should not be encouraging people to think that they cured them. There are other explanations for the cure. Now if it is any one (or more) of those explanations that cures the person the person needs to know. And more importantly others need to know it too. There is nothing praiseworthy in feeding some cranks belief that he cured you.

Many Christian healing stories involve people who have not gone to the doctor or wanted to. They admit the healings cannot be proved to be from God but they boast that they cannot be proved to have not involved God either. They are creating a hypothetical danger that people will not go to the doctor. Now if it is okay to say God cures because you cannot prove he didn't then be consistent and say it does not matter about the doctor!

If you say it is okay for you to believe or think you were healed by God on the basis that you cannot show it was not God then you are encouraging superstition and you cannot be surprised if people drop doctors altogether. Superstition like lies leads to more nonsense.

Even if somebody lets their child die because they trust in God, religion has to say that even if they were wrong they were right to trust in God and the trust was the main thing. Faith and God come first. This doctrine is extremist and even if religion forbids keeping away from doctors it is still to blame if people think God is telling them he will care for the sick without the doctor.

Religion tends to say that God wants you to go to the doctor for healing for that is how God has chosen to heal you. So God is the ultimate doctor. This is a rationalisation and about avoiding the notion that using the doctor implies a lack of faith in God. It implies just that for if God cures, it does not matter if you go to a doctor or not.

The Catholic church priesthood is a con for it gives treatment for our evil inclinations that does not work. That is worse than any pretended healer. The long term damage is terrible. The fruit is war and lies. They are the malefactors not the evil forces and demons they allegedly disperse with their rites and prayers .