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Chanting your way to inner bliss

Chanting is reciting something over and over again. It may involve saying it or singing it. It may even involve singing or saying it into yourself. It's purpose is to help yourself and/or somebody else.

Chanting an affirmation such as, "Nothing matters but how I feel about it and I feel wonderful and always will", can be used to make you feel more positive and develop inner peace.

Over time, chanting opens up the mind and mystical experiences can happen. Chanting is thought by many to take you to new levels of awareness and give you spiritual peace.

Chanting will be more encouraging if it is engaged in with others.

Chanting a mantra that is most commonly used in the world is usually recommended. When people are chanting the same thing to generate energy they are cooperating much more closely than they would be if they were chanting different things.

The chant, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, as used by Nicheren Shoshu Buddhism is recommended by many. The chant reflects the doctrine that enlightenment and fulfilment is available to all. Its popularity and its import indicate that it is the best chant of all.

Chanting to make things happen magically is a waste of time. Do it to improve the way you feel.