If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone



A miracle is a demonstration of supernatural power - it is an event such as a cancer vanishing into thin air instantly that has no natural cause. A miracle is intended to cause surprise and it has to be unusual - it is an event that takes place outside the ordinary course of nature. It is meant to show us something of what God is like. Religion says that God does miracles to show what the true religion is.

The idea of God healing cancers here and there as signs is strange because why doesn’t he make an amputee grow new legs in front of doctors instead? A simple sign like that would avoid the hard work that is needed in verifying the miracle and leave people freer to do good works instead of tormenting themselves about whether a miracle was real or not. Why act as if there isn’t enough power to do it? Small wonder there are no wooden legs deposited at Lourdes only crutches.


The stories of cancers vanishing and so on are less convincing miracles. And the less convincing they are, the more we depend on what the doctor thinks.


Would God really want us to depend so much on human opinion to tell us that he has done something? There is too much dependence on the doctor.