If nobody believed in superstition it would be unable to hurt anyone


The vision at Medjugorje has NEVER condemned abortion nor does she treat it as an important issue.

On March 3,1990 Our Lady gave this message to Marijana for the group:

"Dear children, this evening I call you in a special way to pray for all unborn children. Pray especially for the mothers who consciously kill their children. Dear children, I am sad because many children are being killed. Pray that there will be as few as possible of these mothers, and as few as possible of these cases in the world." That message holds no difficulty for pro-choice people. It is careful not to say that abortion is always wrong though it does see it as regrettable. The hope that there will be fewer cases as possible implies that abortion is okay in strict circumstances. It is not a condemnation of abortion as a forbidden sin. It leaves it up to the mother.

The book Vicka her Story states how Vicka is clear that the vision never ever hinted that contraception was a sin. A real vision from Heaven that believed the Catholic faith would at least condemn the pill when it works as an abortificient.

The apparition is too politically correct to be truly Catholic.